Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Thank You.

Someone did something very nice for me yesterday.
One of those gestures that comes at exactly the right time to give a guy a lift.
There is an item, something small and inexpensive, it's identity irrellivant, which I have been on the trail of for a while.
Nothing important, just something with a small memory attached to it which I thought would be nice to share with my kids.
It was never a 'Holy Grail' type quest you understand, nothing so grand.
It was more a "I haven't seen one of those for so long, you probably can't get them anymore" type of things.

I was out for a walk yesterday when a friend of mine pulled up beside me in his car.
He rolled the window down and handed me a small package.
"Just something I thought you might like", and he drove off.
It was indeed the item from my past.
Wasn't that nice?
He had gone out of his way to search, locate and order this thing.

When I rang to thank him he got all bashful. "It's just something small".

The item was small, but not the gesture.


  1. Hi Mapstew,

    "The item was small, but not the gesture"

    It's good to have a friend like that.


  2. Map.. being rich is never about having money my friend.

    I'm pleased for you. You needed a lift.

  3. Map - you're lucky, and deserving, to have such friends as that. But I'm sure that you're a good friend to have too. Hope all is well.

  4. Hi Mapster,
    We all need good friends like that.

  5. U; indeed it is. We've been friends for 27 years now.

    Jimmy; then yesterday I was a millionaire.

    Madame DF; yes, I am lucky. And yes I am a committed friend.

    Auntie; I hope we all have them.

  6. I love those sort of gestures.

    When someone does something for you, not big in expenditure or grandiose in nature but something that comes from the heart and means the world.

    Hang on to that guy as a mate, they don't come much better.

    As for your comment, in normal economic times you would probably qualify for a prize but due to the recession you're going to have to settle for the lovely gesture of me bothering to come and see who you are and leaving a comment :)

  7. Hi Jules, and welcome to Mapland. As for the prize, your visit here is more than enough. Thank you.

    (to let all else know, I was the 5000th person to view Jules Profile and thought I should win a prize!).

  8. i thought i left a comment earlier, sugar! sigh

    it was lovely gesture. xoxo

  9. It is the little things that count; the seemingly inconsequential acts of thoughtfulness that define who is a true friend.

    Having someone in your life like that is worth all the riches in the world. I know, Map... I have one too! ((hugs))

  10. Sav; sigh indeed. xoxox

    Pon; saw your post. So true. MMMWAAA!