Sunday, 30 December 2012

One Moment In Time

'What a year! Next year is goin' to be SO different!'

We all say it. Every year.

What is 'New Years Day'? 'New Years Eve'?
Just another moment of time passing?
Or a moment in time, passing!
A moment just passing us by, or a moment of living?
A moment in time we will remember?
Or, a moment in time. We will remember!

I have worked as an entertainer on NYE for all but one of the 22 years I have been married. (And for many more before that!)

People say stupid things to my wife about us not being together on NYE.
Things like 'How awful for you!' 'What a sad night it must be for you!' 'You must be SO lonely!'
These are the sad lonely, awful people, who know not how wonderful a person my wife is, and how strong our relationship is.
Let them say the same when they have been together for as long as we have, and are still just as much in love as we are! I'll say no more!

As per usual, at the stroke of midnight, I will sing 'Auld Lang Syne' to the happy couple and their families and friends as they celebrate together both a wedding and the coming of a new year.

I will shake hands with, and hug my fellow band members, and carry on entertaining, which is what I do best.

I could get all sentimental, drink more than I should, and shed a few tears for the ones gone before me.
But I do that in my own time, privately.
Tonight, I continue to be a professional.

I wish you all a better year ahead, even if it was a good one last year.
I hope to meet with some of you in the future.

But a very special Happy New Year to my good friend and pal JB and my Glesga family. I just know ye's are gonna have a good one!
Raise a Jameson fer me in that 'little bar for two' with the view of the stars the neet yeah?

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Fields of Athenry - Derek Moloney & Kay Lynch

When this wee baldy fella was just a 13 yr old scallywag he was the boy soprano who sang so beautifully at the wedding of Mr & Mrs Map.

I went to see him in concert last year, and he does not dissappoint!

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Sing! (Hallewhatsit!)

I don't believe in God.
I do believe people have faith.
I respect all faiths.
I have none.
I hope people respect that.
I have a love of choral music.
I especially love religious choral music.

Go figure!

Sunday, 23 December 2012

The Clearing (Of The Heid!)

It's been a week of singing.

And a week of 'socialising'!

I went out three nights in a row, first one on me own (though one is never alone in my local!), second night with Mrs. Map (we laughed so much, people watching is good free entertainment!) and last night with me pal (another night of laughter!)

So today meself & Herself took off to the forest for a 'head clearing' walk. (I hasten to add that mine was the only head needing clearing!)

And I remembered the camera!

Thursday, 20 December 2012

I Was A Kid

Me & two of my younger brothers.

Back in the day when we had fuck-all.

But we were clean, fed (Somehow!) and it looks as though we were happy.

I love this photie.

(That's Map on the right.)

I think I was about six years old then, and look at me with the collar &  tie!

(Plus, see our initials carved into the wall behind us!)

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Into The West

Mr. & Mrs. Map had a  few quiet days away in the west this week.
Galway, but not the city this time, east Galway. Though we did venture into the city for some shopping. (Has to be done!)

Of course we missed the kids.

But the quietness, the big warm bedroom, the drink, the food I didn't have to cook, the friendly staff, the bar, the drink, the big warm bed in the big warm bedroom!

Of course we missed the kids.

"Any chance of putting the Celtic game on the telly?" I asked the barman.
"Telly? I think we can do better than that!" says he as he used the remote to lower the big (180'')  screen from the ceiling.

"Will that be OK for you?"

In fairness, the bar was  quiet, but said barman was really looking after us.

Mrs. Map even watched, for a while.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012


I missed watching THE big game, in the pub of my choice, with my pal.
Where was I?
I was entertaining one of my senior groups at their Christmas party.
Timed to coincide exactly with the start and finish times of THE game.
But I had great fun. And so did they.

(That's worth 3,000,000,000,000,000,000,002 points on the 'being nice to yer elders' scale. I'm that much away from a secure seat in Heaven!)

(There was a 'Secret Millionaire' in the audience! Maybe he'll adopt me?)

I had warned my pal, 'Don't text the result!' 'I'm gonna watch it when I get home.'

'Doodle oodo, Doodle oodo, Doodle oodo do!' (can you hear the text alert??)

'We're THROUGH! Can you pick us up from the pub on yer way home?!'

I'm such a good Samaritan!