Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Aye Waukin-O - Eddi Reader

I Could Listen To This For All My Days

Quiet, Quiet House

The Maps are all over the place, Mrs. is away on a mission of mercy, Youngest went to dinner and a sleepover with friends, Middle is at the beach with friends, just me & Firstborn, (who has work in the morn,) at home the night. I say home but I was at the pub. I take a drink the odd time. It's strange going ta bed alone. Me & Mrs. have never been apart for more than five days (just the once!) in 23 years.

Friday, 19 July 2013

I Love You Mrs. Map

23 years ago on this day Miss Annette Hogan walked up the aisle of Raheen Church to a very nervous groom, she said 'I Do' I said 'I Do'.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Wednesday In Hot Mapland

Took meself and the two youngest daughters off to the Kingdom (County Kerry) for a wee swim. After a few beach 'no-no's' (Beal strand 'the water was too far away', and Ballybunion - 'less said..') we arrived at Ballyheigue. I haven't been there since I was a young teen and jeebus knows why! The beach goes on forever, and the Atlantic was.. wait for it... WARM!! A tepid ocean is the friend of a Stew called Map! We swam for what seemed like three days (it was a couple of hours) and it was glorious, GLORIOUS I tell ya. Me heid is browner than usual  (yes, miss Pony-doll, I did have slap on it!) and as for the rest of my toned and bronzed bod...:¬)

I went for a pint or two with the plumber on my return and bumped into an old friend, Jon Mon. I was his best man at his wedding many moons ago. We lost touch and haven't seen each other in donkey's years. It was his wife Chris that I instantly recognised, she hasn't aged a day, though Jon hasn't changed that much either. Seemingly the Map HAS! It took Jon a few moments to get me, it was my voice he recognised!
Anyhoo, they have relocated to our neighbourhood in the past month and it looks like we may be seeing more of them. He's a grandfather now, which makes me a grand-uncle (again!) seeing as I'm his daughters' Godfather. (I used to be Catholic. Shhsshh!)

Between coming back from the beach and going to the pub I spent almost four hours with an electronics guy (along with me drummer) trying to figure out the problem with our sound system that has been plaguing us for the past month. We think we have found the problem (fingers crossed) and it can (hopefully) be fixed, though at a (high) cost!

Plan for the morrow? Speedo (white) in the back yard. YES we are overlooked, NO I don't care, they can swoon to their hearts content, as can their wives!  :¬)


Monday, 8 July 2013

The Sun Has Got His Hat On

I really could get used to this fine weather, sunshiny days and balmy evenings, salads and chilled Pinot, little (or no) clothes (look AWAY children!)

I do hope it's all good in yer neighbourhood.

Friday, 5 July 2013


I got a new(ish) PC!
Thank you Eddie. (My baby Bro!)
I'm back online.
It's 4am.
Just back from a wedding.
It were good.
As am I.
The  forecast is for sun.
I like.
I miss Jimmy.
I am a few shades darker.
I am a few kg's heavier.
I love you.....

Monday, 1 July 2013

Back To Life, Back To Reality

A man can 'run away'
And by day forget
The missing and the dead
And have fun
But at night
When the sun sleeps
And a man lay his head
The pillow awakens the depths
And into the fading light
Darkness creeps.