Tuesday, 18 November 2014

miss me pal

Is it wrong that one should  be inspired by alcohol and late nights? Songs run through the heid, thoughts abound. Old friends keep my mind alive. I hope my thoughts  are with them. I miss you Jimmy, but you know  that.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Start Wreck

So, there I was in an episode of S.T.N.G., albeit wearing the wrong colour uniform, the one that says 'this is your one and only episode our kid.'
Anyway, didn't I get chattin' with Jean-Luc himself after the filming and I up and telling him my real full name and he was so taken with it (what with HIS real name being half of my real name and everything) that he insisted, he insisted no less, that we go on the pish for the night and shouldn't we take the McKellen fella with us too him being a gas man for a laugh.
That's all I remember...feckin' alarm clock!

Saturday, 8 November 2014


Just home from performing at a club as my duo outfit TAT2. We play quite an eclectic mix, depending on the audience. I like to surprise people by going from say,a ska song into something quite traditional. It gets their attention.
People often ask what I prefer to sing, what my favourite genre is, but to be honest I just love to sing. Tonight I went from pop to country to rock n roll to a blues song I made up on the spot. I love singing, entertaining, seeing folk having a good time. I love to entertain.
I had a guest to the mic tonight, Patrick, celebrating his 86th birthday. He sang two songs and was the highlight of the night. I hope I am still as lively at his age.
Have a grand weekend my friends, I love you all near and far, those of you I meet daily and you friends I have yet to meet. I raise a glass tonight to one and all, but especially to my big brother JB. Slainte a chara agus oiche mhaith.