Sunday, 21 February 2016


I recently met my ex-fiancé at a wedding I was performing at. It has been 34 years since we broke up, and a very long time since my heart had healed. She was with her husband (the guy she left me for, a guy quite the opposite to me in every way, then and now.) Her Da was also with them, a man I have always been able to chat to for long periods of time, then and now.
She ended up drinking too much, and telling me too much about her sad life, how she had married the wrong guy for the wrong reasons... blah..blah..blah... 34 years too late missus.

Auditions begin this week for 'ProjectoR', my new band. We (my drummer of 34 years and I, and yes I met him just after the split with yer one above..) are seeing a very experienced bass player and an acoustic guitar player with no experience whatsoever.  We have no direction as of yet, just very open to what will happen.

We are losing two daughters this summer,  one to London and one to Dublin.  The house will seem very strange,  and quiet. I will find it hard to get used to seeing towels still in the hotpress a couple of hours after I washed and folded them. Each daughter needs approx five towels each for a shower.  My electric bills, food bills etc., are gonna be so low!