Sunday, 25 December 2011

Happy Christmas! (This is KateNap's post today!)

This is what Kate was doing while I was cooking Christmas dindins today.
(I'm blessed 'cos I get to hear her every day!)

(And that's two of my paintings you can glimpse on the wall behind her!)

Nollaig Shona Dhuit Go Léir!

Sunday, 18 December 2011

'My Week-end' - Discuss.

'It's Christmas time, there's no need to be afraid'!

But there is! THERE IS!!

Friday night we were the band at a wedding on the top floor of a hotel with fantastic views over the city. (Sorry, no pics!)
The top floor has a balcony running it's entire circumference (I nearly typed 'circumcision' there??). And for the finale of the gig the crowd were treated to the vision of Freddie (of Mercury), complete with crown and ermine-trimmed red velvet cape, running around said balcony before entering through a window and performing a medley of Queen hits! (Oui, c'est moi, and mais non, sans pics!)
Jeezuz but I can camp it up with the best of 'em! Ya gets to a certain age and ya don'ts give a fuck no more!
Though I should warn the rest of the band before I do these stunts, the bass player nearly had a stroke! Spontaneity eh? Ya can't really plan for it. I wonder about meself sometimes, but only sometimes. Rest of the time I'm havin' the craic and makin' folk smile!

A happy bride, a happy groom, a happy wallet, ba-da-boom!

Saturday night I was booked to do one of my favourite bars (in another hotel) with Tat2 (the 2-piece outfit). But turns out they put us entertaining a Christmas party in the function room! This pissed me off 'cos they should really have booked a full band for this, cheapskates, and not only did they get us for WAY CHEAPER, but the 2 piece is more of a pub gig, and we really had to pull out all the stops to keep a dance set going for the whole night. Then again, just shows what a lad can do under pressure, and still smile and make folk laugh, and dance.

Sunday was spent with a bottle of bleach, rubber gloves and sore knees! DON'T ASK!!
I still smell like a swimming pool!

Went to visit Ma later in the evening, she also had a great night out on Friday, got home at 3A.M! (Later than me.) :¬)

Almost Monday, have a good week y'all!

Monday, 12 December 2011

Rehearsals (In the 'Stewdio')

The rest of the band call here to my house every Monday night at 19:00hrs for rehearsals. We have a room at the back of the house which was built on as part of an extension about 7 years ago, originally supposed to be another sittingroom/TV room, it has evolved into a multi-purpose area. Pupils are given music lessons here, yoga is done here, teenagers do sleepovers here, Paul (the plumber) drinks my beer here, but mostly it is used as a music space. It houses about eight or nine guitars, a couple of drum machines, many whistles, ukeleles, a didgereedoo, amps, mics, speakers, a digital piano, and a little recording studio.

This is my fist attempt at trying to record, on camera, one of our rehearsals, I didn't get the levels right for the camera so excuse the poor sound quality.

(I'm sure I'll get better as I get older, and more experienced!)

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Raglan Road

I have no idea why, for I have never sung this song in public, but it has been stuck in my head for over a week now! It's the first thing that comes into the 'Hee Haw' that doubles for my grey matter each morning, and the last thing on my mind at night!

I think I will have to do my own version.
Though this song is 'Owned' by Luke!

Friday, 2 December 2011