Friday, 26 August 2016

Mourning Has Broken

It's been seven hours and almost twelve months since the Ma crossed over. I haven't shaved since the funeral.  I've grown quite fond of the facial hair,  though many others have not.
I miss the woman so much.

Tuesday, 19 July 2016


Today, 20th July,  myself and my lovely Annette should be celebrating our 26th wedding anniversary.  But less than 14 hours ago Annette's brother Ger died suddenly from a heart attack.  He was 56.
He had a mental illness and lived five metres from us with his mother who is soon to be 80.
We are all still in shock.
We awake each day not knowing what is going to be dealt to us.

Friday, 10 June 2016

Time, The Clock Of My Heart.

I'm 55 today.
When did that happen?
When did my kids become adults?
When did I become the oldest generation in my family?
Time. You are a bastard.

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Food & Drink.

I'm the head chef and bottle-washer in Tigh Maurcheen. Every day the ladies come home to a lovely dinner, and the Maurcheen is well appreciated.  I'm quite a good cook, I love cooking and never find it a chore. I always make more than needed for our house and like to give the extra to friends/family.  My sister Serena is usually the recipient. This week she received my butternut squash & sweet potato soup, pork pasta bake and Oreo & Nutella cheesecake.  In return I received a lovely French wine on Monday, and tonight I got a special gift. The last bottle of whiskey from Ma's collection.  I'm having a large one now.

Monday, 9 May 2016

Time Check

Let's Dance was a hit in 1983.
Nineteen Eighty Fuckin' Three!
That's thirty three years ago for those of you still counting on yer fingers!
I just spent a very lovely couple of hours watching and listening to Mr.B on the BBC. Time goes by so quickly,  get out and live it. I'm not gonna post a video for this, check it out on Yoochube ye lazy feckers!

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Adam Is Off To Canadia

My roadie is off to Canadia.  He started hauling gear with us ten years ago as a skinny 15yr old, and has turned into a very handsome young man.  We had a farewell party tonight with his family, and wished him well on his big adventure.  I had a special bond with him and though I will miss him I feel glad he's 'leaving the nest'!
Vancouver is his destination,  so any of you folk in the vicinity please keep an eye out for our Adam.  He's a very talented graphic designer and quite an accomplished musician.
Au revoir for now our kid. Bon voyagee! 😀

Thursday, 14 April 2016


The Hangar Queen came to stay for a while! It was our third time meeting, and the second time she has stayed in our home, in the 'Music Wing'!
I can honestly say that Dev is one of those rare people who endeared herself to every single member of my family. In fact I was lucky to get to spend any time with her at all! But as we are both 'night folk' we did have some very good late-night chats. And we did get to spend some time in the pub!
We are planning to meet up again for a few days in Berlin at the back end of the year, all going well.

After a few auditions I think we have finally decided on our new act. A guy who had originally auditioned for bassist happened to pick up a guitar to show the guy auditioning for guitarist a few chords. It was obvious that the bass player could play guitar much better that the other guy. So, at the moment we are a drummer, an acoustic guitar player (who also sings , and plays the bass!) and a lead vocalist. And we are very happy with the sounds we are making. We may, or may not bring other members in down the road, but for now ProjectoR is a three piece. The drummer and meself are still working with the four piece band, and I am still doing the odd gig with the two piece, and doing solo work.

I'm up early in the morning (in four hours actually) to drive eldest daughter to the airport. She is off to London for the weekend to spend time with the boy, (he moved to London last summer to take up a position of science teacher in a private school) and do some searching for accommodation, as she will be moving there in the summer to work.
Daughter #2 is also moving in the summer, but to Dublin, hopefully to a new teaching position. A boy is also moving with her, his job is secured, having just finished his Masters in law and business.
The house of Maurcheen is gonna be quite quiet in the autumn!

My beard is EPIC! That's according to one of my FB friends! I hope to be plucked from obscurity in the street one of these days by some passing film scout, to play the lead in the next Biblical blockbuster. It's only a matter of time. I will not forget you all!

Sunday, 21 February 2016


I recently met my ex-fiancé at a wedding I was performing at. It has been 34 years since we broke up, and a very long time since my heart had healed. She was with her husband (the guy she left me for, a guy quite the opposite to me in every way, then and now.) Her Da was also with them, a man I have always been able to chat to for long periods of time, then and now.
She ended up drinking too much, and telling me too much about her sad life, how she had married the wrong guy for the wrong reasons... blah..blah..blah... 34 years too late missus.

Auditions begin this week for 'ProjectoR', my new band. We (my drummer of 34 years and I, and yes I met him just after the split with yer one above..) are seeing a very experienced bass player and an acoustic guitar player with no experience whatsoever.  We have no direction as of yet, just very open to what will happen.

We are losing two daughters this summer,  one to London and one to Dublin.  The house will seem very strange,  and quiet. I will find it hard to get used to seeing towels still in the hotpress a couple of hours after I washed and folded them. Each daughter needs approx five towels each for a shower.  My electric bills, food bills etc., are gonna be so low!

Friday, 1 January 2016


I think it's time to start a new band. I feel like a change in direction,  something smaller, quieter, more acoustic. Watch this space.

A new year, and a new project,  and a wish of new possibilities to you all.