Sunday, 1 May 2016

Adam Is Off To Canadia

My roadie is off to Canadia.  He started hauling gear with us ten years ago as a skinny 15yr old, and has turned into a very handsome young man.  We had a farewell party tonight with his family, and wished him well on his big adventure.  I had a special bond with him and though I will miss him I feel glad he's 'leaving the nest'!
Vancouver is his destination,  so any of you folk in the vicinity please keep an eye out for our Adam.  He's a very talented graphic designer and quite an accomplished musician.
Au revoir for now our kid. Bon voyagee! 😀


  1. Ah, what an adventure for him!! If only Vancouver wasn't 2300+ kms away from where I live. Wishing Adam all the best!!

  2. I hope he comes back with a few good yarns :-)

  3. Leaving the of the mixed joys of growing up. I wish him well.