Saturday, 24 April 2010

I Stand Accused!

It has been said,
By many,
And in the near past,
That I, Map,
For 'tis me,
Have a tendency to do,
Such a thing, as,
(Which, while may make some maidens blush,
And others run for cover,
And others still,
Grab me in inappropriate places,
And I don't mean in a church!)
A flirt?

OK, I know I do this 'thing',
It's just that I never realised it was flirting!
And most of the time it's just good harmless fun.
On my part anyway.

During tonights gig I was doing 'mah thang'
And a lovely lady was 'responding', at the front of the stage.
Nothing out of the ordinary for me.
'Flirting' if that's what you call it.
I call it 'playing to the crowd'!
But then 'boyfriend' appears,
And places his frame between Map and herself!
(And 'boyfriend' is BIG!)
So she tries to move around him,
To get in my view, as it were, again,
But 'boyfriend' is quick,
(And obviously very insecure!)
And pushes her away from the stage, back to her seat.
And then he comes back and dances in front of me,
With his back to me, trying to block me from the audience!

What can I say,
He's in his early twenties, good looking lad,
I'm almost fifty, tall, shaved head, tattoos, fit, singing, dancing,

Ah, now I get it! :¬)


Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Pope. Hope? Nope! Dope.....

I don't suppose tearing up a picture of him, by me, would make a blind bit of diffference anyway!

Thursday, 8 April 2010


Wake up.


Wake up.



'You can't be here! You're not supposed to be ..'


'Does Ma know you're back?'

NO! And you can't tell her. You can't tell anyone!

'But you've been gone so long I ....'

Sshhhh.. just get dressed, I'll wait downstairs, just be quiet!

'Da, I don't understand. You're gone, GONE! what...'

Are we goin' for a pint or what? That's what you want, ya?

We never did have that Father and Son drink did we?

'Ya, but that's what I wanted before.. ya know.. before..'

Yeah, I know, but, I'm here now. So, put yer coat on.

'Ah Da, I have to tell Ma, she'll be delighted like, she'll be..'

Sshhh! Quietly, just you and me, you and me right?

'Another pint Da?

Whatever you're up ta yourself son, I'm here for the night!'

'Another it is then'

And a couple of small ones?

'Course Da, have to have the couple of small ones'!

Great night Son.

'Twas Da!'

Give yer Ma a kiss for me.

'I will Da, will I tell her about our night out?'

If ye like son.

But this was just for you, and me, yeah?

'Yeah Da, yeah!'

Now, back to sleep, and remember this night son, eh?

'Yeah Da, I will!'

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Today My Family Made Money

That mad bitch, married to my baby brother.
Well, she organised ANOTHER of her fundraising shindigs.
Bitch that she is.
Well, all the family (and there's lots of us) well we walked for the charity.
And where would we walk to?
A pub!
Where else?
A lot more people turned up than we expected!
It was BIG!
There was free chicken curry for all that turned up.
We just about had enough for everyone!
Me and Pete provided what we could, entertaintment wise.
Actually, it was QUITE entertaining!
And there was a raffle!
And Many went home with prizes beyond belief!
A fun day.
A family day.
A fundraising day.
(At the last count, I think we made about 7000 euros!)
And it all goes to the local cancer federation.
And they give such a lot of time to people undergoing treatment for cancer.
They are totally dependant on contributions.
They take patients, and give them a day out, in a spa, or even a hairdressers, or some other such 'luxury'!
They get a treat!
Away from the hospital.
My singing helps that??
I love my SIL Val!
She is a cancer survivor, and has worked tirelessly for the past three years to raise as much money as she can for the cause.
All I can do is sing.
And I do.
I do.
And it makes money!
And it makes me happy!

Thursday, 1 April 2010

You Know, I Don't Tell Her Quite Enough!

Annette, my darling, I love you more than life.

But you know that.

How could I live without you?