Saturday, 21 June 2014

To the edge....

If you look at a map of Ireland there's a pointy bit right at the very top called Malin Head. It's the point in our country farthest away from where I live. That's where meself and Mrs. M are heading the morrow. Sometimes ya just gotta get in the car and drive. And the weather promises to behave. No singing for a week or so (well not the 'worky' type anyway) so I hope to get lots of swimming, dining, drinking and loving into the next week. I've packed the larder and fridges with supplies so the girls won't starve. If anyone is passing (JIMMY!) keep an eye oot for strange lads. I shall see youse all at the weekend. Cheery bye the noo.  :)

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Da's Day

I had a dream last week in which I was climbing the stairs to visit Ma in her room. As I got to the second step I looked up and Da was waiting on the landing. Smiling. But the closer I got the more he faded, even though I called out for him to wait. He had a lovely smile did Da. A lovely gentle smile.

Happy Fathers day to all you Da's.