Friday, 31 January 2014

new stew

There is a new one of us. Her name is Sofia Emily. My new grand niece. Photies the morrow.

Friday, 24 January 2014

Blues & All That Jazz

'PINT?' Text message from my pal.
Unusual for a Thursday night.
'Mon then!'
Met him at the corner and started walking to the local.
The form was bad, he gets 'down' at times.
We get to the pub and he doesn't want to go in.
'Wanna go somewhere else for a change, into town?'
'Why not?'
We call a cab and go to a pub I frequented as a youngfella, an old place, full of character and characters. But that was back then, full of students now.
My pal doesn't do 'let's talk about my problems', he takes me drinking to cheer him up. Somehow we always end up laughing by the second drink. Go figure.
The students got too much for us so we left and went to a pub on the opposite side of the street. It was quiet, and the beer was good.
And then we hear a piano. We turn around and see a three piece band just starting. Jazz & swing. We've stumbled into one of the best kept secrets in the city.
We were both still singing on the cab ride home.
We were both in good form today.

Monday, 20 January 2014


A belated Birthday pressie for my good friend sav. Hope you like it missus.

The Way You Look Tonight.     < CLICK TO PLAY.

Saturday, 18 January 2014


A new song tomorrow, and a change of style. A man has been too lazy and needs a swift kick up the arse with a size 15 worky boot. Thanks our Jimmy. I be crooning on the morrow my friends, a late birthday pressie for missus sav.

Tonight was my first night singing this new year, an 80th birthday celebration. Good fun. But I am tired now. I need a good sleep Mr. Sandman, look after me ok? And may I wake with energy and joy, and happiness in my (weary) heart. May I have, on awaking, a tiny piece of the strength that eminates from my big brother Jimmy B. My Hero.

Tomorrow.  :-)

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Songs Sales & Storms

I've often tried to work out exactly how many songs I sing at a wedding or other such function. We normally do a three hour set, but if the crowd is good it can be a task to stop us. I reckon we do 60/70 on average, but I know I have done over 100 at some good ones. There was a time, long ago, when a little singing fella could keep it going all night (and sing as well!). It's been a busy Christmas, folk still love a good wedding! I've been staving off that feckin' head cold with pill and potion galore to keep me in respectable singing voice, and it worked. But now 'tis comin' to claim me. I don't mind, and I'm not complaining, there are far more people worse off than I. I'm enjoying the fruits of a single pot still made into a 'medicine' with a few cloves, lemon, a little hot water and demerara sugar. I'm enjoying many if truth be told, and the fugginess is delicious.

I took the youngest and her cousin, along with Mrs. M., on a shopping expedition to Dublin yesterday. (Two hour drive each way.) Shopping is not my favourite thing. (Can you guess what is? NO Jimmy, that's just a pastime!) Having been out gigging 'til the wee hours the previous three nights did not help my demeanour. But my girls had a ball. I carried bags, stood outside shops, smiled , oohed & aahed in all the right places and got everybody home in one piece. Them January sales can be a bastid!

There's a storm blowing in from the Atlantic again tonight. I still haven't repaired the fences from last weeks storm. The gazebo took flight into our next door neighbours garden, thankfully not causing any damage on it's trip. No sign of any sheep!

One of the daughters gave me a new (much needed) wallet as a christmas pressie. It is a fine wallet, and much appreciated. Why am I finding it hard to part with my old worn bedraggled wallet which has moulded itself into the shape which fits so comfortably against my upper right thigh?

I wish you all health, safe shores and happiness in the coming year.