Friday, 30 July 2010

Sideways To The Sun.

I have met many many people in my life.
I'm sure most of them have liked me as much as I have liked them. (!!!)
Whaddya gonna do?

Some of the people I like most?
Well, I haven't actually got to meet them yet.
And I'm not talking Rock stars, or Actors, or Celebrity chefs etc.
Some of the people I'm talkin' about are you peeps.
And one of my favourites is a weirdo (You KNOW he's not!) who goes by the name of Charlie.
A man I have yet to meet,
But one I would be honoured to meet, and proud to meet.
An old friend I've never met.
So, again, ('cos he just LOVES getting attention!) a wee song for Charles.

(There's a bit of 'blank' towards the end of this vid, so, like, it's kinda just blank, like, so, like, there's, like, just blankness. Like! :!)

I didn't make it! Like!

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Take A Hike.

Tuesday morning.
Bored child.
Low funds.
What to do?
Pack a lunch and some strong boots.

This is the Clare Glens, not in Clare but on the Limerick/Tipperary border.
It gets it's name from the river Clare which runs through it.

It's less than half an hours drive away and has just the right amount of 'danger' to keep a kid happy and excited for a few hours.
(Oh, and Helena liked it too!)

(Of course I forgot to bring the camera, again, so these are from the phone. A bit over-exposed Kim?)

Saturday, 24 July 2010

What Time Do You Call This?

You know your getting old when you're home from a gig and the children haven't come in from their parties yet!

I suppose I'd better wait up for them and their friends, (who are staying over).

I might as well have a few beers while I'm waiting, I suppose.

The things a father has to do. :¬)

Sunday, 18 July 2010

It Was Twenty Years Ago Tomorrow

The Parents in this family are out of here for a few days r'n'r.
We're off to Galway, where there just happens to be an Arts Festival in full swing!. (It's quite a major event actually.)

The Map offspring will be looking out for themselves.
The laundry is done,
The fridge & freezer are packed to bursting,
And I've stayed up all night drinking any and all booze that was in the house.
(Just to keep temptation out of the way don't ya know!)

Happy Anniversary Mrs. Map!

See you all in a few days.
Mind the shop, and keep an eye on the girls.

Friday, 16 July 2010

A Great Night For a Tenor.

Had a real treat last evening.
Meself and KateNap took ourselves off to a see and hear a wonderful tenor in concert in St. Mary's cathedral.

Derek Moloney, a local lad, is doing quite well for himself in the music world these days.
We had a rather fabulous time in a perfect setting, and the few hairs still remaining on the back of my neck did stand on end.
Goose pimples were also having a rare outing.

His special guests were Seoda, a truly magnificant female choir, and a favourite of Kate's.
(Isn't it grand when a teenager and her ouldfella can share a night like this?)

I last saw Derek twenty years ago next Tuesday.
He was the boy soprano who sang at our wedding!

If Derek is ever performing in your area then take it from me you will have a fine time at his concert.

Thursday, 15 July 2010


Stuff happens.
And there ain't fuck all we can do about it sometimes.
And , old as I am, I am still learning that.
There ain't fuck all we can do about it MOST of the time.
There ain't fuck all we can do about it ALL of the time!
But it's good to know you are there.
And I'm here, should you want to tell me about 'stuff'! :¬)


Monday, 12 July 2010

For Charlie

A wee song for our good friend Charlie who has been lazing about the house and letting all the work to Martha!

(And not forgetting 'Irish' & 'Molly'!)

Sunday, 11 July 2010


1; A guy in the pub tonight (he don't know me from the proverbial Adam) just 'couldn't get' why I have tattoos! Amazingly, I COULD get why he is such a 'prick'!

2; My girls really enjoyed the athmosphere in the pub (not a regular experience for them) this evening, for the world cup final. They were amazed by how many people knew their Da! (I like to think these people know me for my fame as a musical star, and not for my infamy as a bar-fly!)

3; Those accounts ain't gonna tally themselves! (I've been putting this off for too long now!, I just hate Mondays!)

4; I don't care HOW cheap they sell the stuff, Fosters Lager tastes like shit!

5; You are all invited to my 50th Birthday celebrations on 11th June 2011 (the day after my actual birthday) in a venue to be decided, cash gifts only please.

6; I miss my Pal.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Lessons In Life, Numbers 1 & 2.

Number 1; Sometimes it can take putting your hand in the fire to feel what it is like to be burned. (For Kate, my eldest.)

Number 2; A windy day is the best day for flying a kite. (For Helena, my youngest.)

We all learned something today.


Thursday, 1 July 2010

DIE? me? DIE?

So, we're in the pub tonight.
And we were talking about inquests, as you do, into the cause(s) of death.
My younger sister was supporting her best friend today,
At the inquest of her said friend's husbands death.
He committed suicide by hanging a month before their first wedding anniversary.
As you can imagine, all present were still traumatised by the event, which happened only a few months ago.
A tragic affair for all concerned.
And the conversation got around to funerals.
And how the funeral service would be performed etc.
And Herself asked if I had a particular priest in mind for mine!
A 'particular' priest! Bastards the lot!
I nearly choked on my pint!
(Why do wives always presume the husband will 'leave this mortal coil' first?)
She knows I'm not catholic, but she says that maybe the kids would want a traditional catholic funeral.
Protestant bastards the lot of 'em!
And 'HELLO'? Who says I'm gonna be the first to go??
I have great intentions of being the last to go!
The very LAST I tells ya! :¬)