Wednesday, 25 January 2012

MOON SHADOW (or Cat/Map)

Today was wet, weary and woeful! So I stayed indoors and recorded this as I looked out at the rain & wind from the warmth of the Stewdio. Hope ye like.

MOON SHADOW (Martin Stewart sings Cat Stevens) <-- CLICK TO LISTEN.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Wind-Pain, Fire and Rain

I'm not a resolution maker (not even a resolution maker's son!), but I have started making some decisions.
There! I've decided to make some decisions!
I'm making New-Year decisions!

I've decided that not only do I need to take control of certain things, but that I actually can take control of certain things.

And I've started already. Tonight. It's been a while since I left someone speechless on the other end of a phone! Nothing big, just a big ol' 'NO' from me, (out loud instead of in my head, and then regretting it!) he just didn't expect it from an 'agreeable' fella like meself!
And it felt good.

Don't worry friends, it's not 'NO MORE MR. NICEGUY', I can't help being such a sweetheart, (chuckle) that's in my very nature/nurture. But it's time this man started being nice to hisself.

Many years ago, before I found the courage to stand in front of people and sing/perform, I used to sing 'in the privacy of my own bedroom' as they say.
One of the performers who influenced me was James Taylor. I would record myself singing along with his songs on my tiny little cassette recorder, have a listen and then immediately delete it just in case it got into the wrong hands! Though he will never know it, James Taylor was the person who made me want to sing. And just listening to him again recently made me realise why I wanted to sing, and what I wanted to sing, and this is part of the reason for my new decision making.

This is one of the songs I used to sing, time to start again.

(Isn't it ironic how such a gentle man might be the cause of me telling people to fuck-off!)

Oh, and the 'Wind-Pain'? had lunch in Subway today with Helena, man that place makes me fart!