Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Good Week

This week our middle daughter had tests for a cancer scare. We all had a very tense week.  She got positive (GOOD!) results the same day as the tests were done.
Also this week baby daughter learned she got accepted into college,  in Limerick!  Which means she can live at home, and possibly get a part time job to help with expenses.
Good week.

Friday, 4 August 2017

More Dreams

The dreams continue, but these more recent ones are about life, not death. More specifically early life, babies and very young children.  In one dream I tried to adopt a toddler who was a nonverbal autistic kid. I was the bus driver who took him from the orphanage to the crèche every day. The only time he smiled was when he saw me and took my hand. The authorities and red tape blocked my efforts to adopt him.

In another dream I was showing off my grand-nephew Adam to all and sundry.  A very proud uncle I was. Unfortunately Adam doesn't exist,  at least not yet.

It's a holiday weekend here, I'm just in from entertaining at a wedding in the city, 300 guests! Obviously they all loved me.

I've just been to our Jimmy's place but the light is still off, sadly.  I so dearly miss my big brother.

Goodnight to you all my friends,  it's good to know you are all out there watching in. I'm a lucky man to have you all in my life.  I've been even luckier to meet a couple of you in person,  one in particular on many occasions,  and have been glad to have her as a house guest six times now. I do hope life will bless me with many more blogger meetings.

It's the Ma's birthday tomorrow, she would have been 92. I feel her happy presence about me all the time and have only happy memories of her.