Friday, 28 February 2014

I'm Alive.

I sang a song tonight for Big Shelly. I don't know Big Shelly, but my dear friend sav does, and she tells me that Big Shelly needs our love and stuff now and as I am not the religious or prayer saying type I did what I do and what I do is sing so I sang. So I says to the crowd just before I dedicated this particular song to Big Shelly, savs dear friend (sav being MY dear friend) so I says, this particular song is for Big Shelly. How was I to know that a rather large lady by the name of Michelle (nickname Shelly) was in the crowd??

My heid is all over the place lately, sorry for not being around or blogging as much as usual.

My oldest friend Jim passed the 50 mark in the recent past. Life has not been good to him of late so he would not let me throw a party. I did persuade him to have a lads night out though, and we did have a good time. Boys can have fun, and we did.

My bigger but younger Glaswegian brother is still lazing aboot in the sun. It's nice that he sends photies from his Alcudian nest, but I do not really need to see his full tan. Lets just say there are no tan lines.  (Heave!!)

Ma had a bit of a turn last week but seems to be back to her good old self again, she really does amaze me. I truly hope I  have her genes.

It's very hard being the father of three daughters.

I think I am going to paint the whole house white. (I just watched John & Yoko!) But that means I can add so many accents of colour. (HAHAHA, I AM fecking colour blind!!)

My wife says I changed the day my sister died five years ago.

I've just finished reading a book, 'The 100 Year Old Man' (A translation from Swedish). I really enjoyed it, but am thankful I left reading the reviews 'til after I read it.

Robert & Emily's wedding is only five months away and I really need to take going to the gym seriously if I am going to look good in a kilt!

I really need to sleep now so I am not even going to get into how I chased a bus all over the city last night to make one of my daughters happy!

Tomorrow ya?  :)