Thursday, 14 April 2016


The Hangar Queen came to stay for a while! It was our third time meeting, and the second time she has stayed in our home, in the 'Music Wing'!
I can honestly say that Dev is one of those rare people who endeared herself to every single member of my family. In fact I was lucky to get to spend any time with her at all! But as we are both 'night folk' we did have some very good late-night chats. And we did get to spend some time in the pub!
We are planning to meet up again for a few days in Berlin at the back end of the year, all going well.

After a few auditions I think we have finally decided on our new act. A guy who had originally auditioned for bassist happened to pick up a guitar to show the guy auditioning for guitarist a few chords. It was obvious that the bass player could play guitar much better that the other guy. So, at the moment we are a drummer, an acoustic guitar player (who also sings , and plays the bass!) and a lead vocalist. And we are very happy with the sounds we are making. We may, or may not bring other members in down the road, but for now ProjectoR is a three piece. The drummer and meself are still working with the four piece band, and I am still doing the odd gig with the two piece, and doing solo work.

I'm up early in the morning (in four hours actually) to drive eldest daughter to the airport. She is off to London for the weekend to spend time with the boy, (he moved to London last summer to take up a position of science teacher in a private school) and do some searching for accommodation, as she will be moving there in the summer to work.
Daughter #2 is also moving in the summer, but to Dublin, hopefully to a new teaching position. A boy is also moving with her, his job is secured, having just finished his Masters in law and business.
The house of Maurcheen is gonna be quite quiet in the autumn!

My beard is EPIC! That's according to one of my FB friends! I hope to be plucked from obscurity in the street one of these days by some passing film scout, to play the lead in the next Biblical blockbuster. It's only a matter of time. I will not forget you all!