Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Queen In Da House

So, Hangar Queen is in the house. And Maurcheen and Bock and Hangar went to pubs tonight. With the non-drinking Annette. Poor Annette. Out on the razzle with three blogger/professional drinker type fuckers! She did manage to get us all home to bed. Hangar (Dev) is staying in the music wing. As one does.
Bock is such a fun storyteller.

Saturday, 19 July 2014


Dawn is breaking as I turn the key in my door. Home from a fantastic wedding in Cork. The bride was possibly one of the nicest and happiest I have met, and I have met thousands. I do like my job.

It's our wedding anniversary today. 24 years married. I would be in the gutter without Annette, I am sure of it. She is my driving force, my bright outlook and my source of energy. My love.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Was It Jack Nicholson Who Said 'I'm Irish, Of Course I Think About Death All The Time'

I've been thinking (YES, it hurts!), if the day ever comes and the docs tell me it's only a matter of time, I would like to have a farewell party while I'm still capable of having a blast.
I think I would like it to be the kind of party that a person moving to another part of the world would have before they emigrate. The kind of party with lots of music and laughter and drink and dancing and singing and hugging. And probably tears, but not too many, time enough for that.
You are all invited.
Date: Far In The Future.
Time: Do You Have To Ask???  :-)