Saturday, 19 July 2014


Dawn is breaking as I turn the key in my door. Home from a fantastic wedding in Cork. The bride was possibly one of the nicest and happiest I have met, and I have met thousands. I do like my job.

It's our wedding anniversary today. 24 years married. I would be in the gutter without Annette, I am sure of it. She is my driving force, my bright outlook and my source of energy. My love.


  1. Wishing you and your bride a very Happy Anniversary!! xoxoxo

  2. 24 years is very happy news, indeed. Lots of folks don't make ti to 24 months. Congrats to the both of you. I'm certain that you make her life better as well.

  3. Congratulations!!!
    You maybe in the gutter, but you are looking at a star!

  4. Congrats...what? I'm not late, I'm early for next year. :)

    Much love and happiness to you both. There's nothing on earth like having a partner who's there for you, no matter what.