Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The Foggy Dew For Charlie Callahan

Charlie, known to most of you as Professor B. Worm left us all on Wednesday Feb 1st of this year.
He was a gentle soul, a witty man, and a good friend to many.
He loved his 'ever suffering' wife Martha, and his dogs.

On the last time I 'spoke' with Charlie we were having a chat about music, and he finished by saying 'some songs should never be forgotten'.
'The Foggy Dew' was one of them, and here's my humble effort.

For you Charlie.

The Foggy Dew (Click To Play)

Sunday, 27 May 2012

In The Midst Of Grief

I don't usually go drinking at midday of a Sunday,
but a Pal shouldn't be drinking alone when one of his pals leaves this mortal coil.
And so we drank a toast to his friend's life, to his memory. We talked shite, we laughed, we held back tears, we drank some more, and more, and we stumbled home in the sunshine.

There are too many clichés I could insert here, just pick your own.

In the midst of all that, here's what was in front of us in our local today for the match! Only in Ireland!! (thanks to Eiméid Ó'Throighigh, my favourite barman, for the pic!)

Nothing To See Here!

Guilty of being in possession of the internet while under the influence!

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Dance Me To The End..........

I have a lot of spare time on my hands most days, well Monday to Friday anyway.
I was trying to think of some productive way of giving said time to 'good use', as they say.

I've decided to ask around at the local nursing homes/senior centers/retirement homes, to see if they would like some free entertainment during the day, or early evening.

I don't know if I'd be helping folk get through the day, or helping them 'on their way'!! You've heard me warble, whatcha think?

(OBVIOUSLY I'd be toning down the look!) :¬)

Friday, 18 May 2012

Thoughts Random

I don't know why, but Da is in my thoughts all the time this week. I hear his voice, see his face, even smell him.

Maybe it's 'cos I'm getting up so early each morning (TOO early for a musician!) to drive KateNap to her placement in Nenagh. It reminds me of when Da would get up an hour before me when as a wee teenager I had an engagement with the pipe band. He would make sure I had a good breakfast, my shoes were shined, and my buckles were sparkling!

I got to hold and feed a two month old wee fella last night. I miss that. Even the crying. (Thanks P. (the P))

The upside of not being busy with gigs is that one gets to spend Friday night sitting and laughing on the couch with the entire family watching TV and taking the piss out of each other.

It's so hard to watch a friend look you in the face and lie. To himself.

It's so good to sit with a(different)friend, drink cans and talk shite!

If I was younger I'd move to Australia or Canadia!

I hope, when I'm 87, that my mind is as sharp as Ma's is now. (She'll be 87 soon)

I've had some of the best advice I've ever had from friends I've never met.

Yes, going back to the gym, at almost 51, can make a difference to your body, and your mind.

And yes, I love you all! :¬)


Wednesday, 16 May 2012

The Things Men Do (My First Re-Post!)

(This is from a few years back!)

The Things Men Do.

Back in the early 1950's Da had to leave home, leave his wife and family of three young kids, leave his country and his friends, leave a way of life.

It was a bad time, no work, no money, the only thing to do was to 'take the boat', go to England, hope to find work on the building sites and send money home every week to provide for his family. And this he did this for ten years. Ten years!

The things men will do for their families. (I presume this is why there is a ten year gap between me and the big bro!)

And yes, I know women are just as capable of such things, and DO such things, and make sacrifices and accomplish extraordinary feats when it comes to caring and providing for their loved ones. But today I am talking about Dads/Husbands.
And the things they do to provide for, and protect those who are 'life itself'!

And I don't know about the rest of the world, but us celtic men are probably a bit 'old fashioned' when it comes to the 'providing and protecting' thing. No, now that I think about it, I'm sure it's not just us, I think all Dads/Husbands must be the same the world over. And all Mams/Wives too for that!

I just know I would do anything to protect my kin, would suffer any pain if it meant shielding them. Would lay down my life if it came to it, and that is not a boast, just fact. What man wouldn't step in front of his wife or child to take the force of a blow? And I know 'quite a few' people who are like me.

And I can think of one in particular.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

For Jenean (Who's Feeling A Bit Under The Weather Just Now)

You got quite a few friends dear Gypsy.
Hope you're feeling better soon.

(I'm working on something else, but in the meantime......)

YOU GOT A FRIEND (Martin Stewart sings James Taylor)

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Beware False Prophets!

There is a rather sad person passing itself off as a friend of mine.

The sad little thing has just informed me of it's intentions.

The thing has been visiting all of your comment sections and saying I sent it over.

As I did no such thing it is obvious that it is, to begin with, a liar.

I won't mention it's name here, thus giving it the attention it seeks.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Call Me

When I was thirteen I was accepted into the CBS Pipe Band.
Big deal. No! A fucking Major big deal for a kid like me back then.
Ever since I was big enough to remember a St. Patrick's Day parade, all I ever wanted was to be a member of the CBS Pipe Band.
And now I was.
I was 13, a big boy.
I was so proud.
But better than that, my Da was proud.
And that made me walk even taller than I possibly ever could!

My life actually changed.
Three months later I was in Amsterdam, Rotherdam.
Before I knew it I was in France.
Not to mention travelling all over Ireland.

But my favourite trips, of them all, was to Scotland.
For the world championships.
And my favourite city?

I think of Glasgow as HOME.
I know our family came from Scotland (on Da's side) originally, but don't know yet quite where from.
But, a lot of my best times as a teen were spent in Glasgow.
And sadly I haven't been back for a WHILE.

Before the year is out, I'm travelling HOME.

Any Weedgers wanna meet up, then just gimme a shout on the email, reet?

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Put Pineapple In Your Jelly And It Won't Set! or I'm Baaaack!

So, that break was shorter than I thought it would be.
(I've taken stock, as it were.)

I can't be letting small minded strangers with their hate, hiding behind 'Anon' etc. stop me from writing in my own little corner of the bloggiverse.
So, to quote a local Limerick blogger of note, 'You can FUCK THE FUCKITY FUCK OFF' back under the rock from whence you crawled. (Sorry 'bout the language Pat!)

Gimme what you got, I'll handle it, I've learned from the best.

Normal transmissions will resume shortly.