Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The Foggy Dew For Charlie Callahan

Charlie, known to most of you as Professor B. Worm left us all on Wednesday Feb 1st of this year.
He was a gentle soul, a witty man, and a good friend to many.
He loved his 'ever suffering' wife Martha, and his dogs.

On the last time I 'spoke' with Charlie we were having a chat about music, and he finished by saying 'some songs should never be forgotten'.
'The Foggy Dew' was one of them, and here's my humble effort.

For you Charlie.

The Foggy Dew (Click To Play)


  1. *sigh* he was a fine man and you, bubba, are in fine voice here. thank you for sharing this. xoxoxox

  2. sav; He was indeed missus, and you, as usual, are being too kind! (but I love it!) :¬)


  3. A lovely song for a sweet and fine man. Thank you, dear Map.

  4. I will give it a listen tomorrow, when all is calm and quiet.

    I do miss Prof. Worm. It was he who introduced me to Frank McCourt. :)

  5. Thank you for making it possibe to remember dear Charley with a smile.

  6. a beautiful heartfelt offering, map - just beautiful -

  7. Nice song. :) And Charlie is right, some songs should never be forgotten. :)

  8. A grand song sung with feeling my friend. How many do you think will understand what really lays beyond the words?

    As long as we shall do Marteen, as long as we shall do.