Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Dance Me To The End..........

I have a lot of spare time on my hands most days, well Monday to Friday anyway.
I was trying to think of some productive way of giving said time to 'good use', as they say.

I've decided to ask around at the local nursing homes/senior centers/retirement homes, to see if they would like some free entertainment during the day, or early evening.

I don't know if I'd be helping folk get through the day, or helping them 'on their way'!! You've heard me warble, whatcha think?

(OBVIOUSLY I'd be toning down the look!) :¬)


  1. Now that IS a look, isn't it?


    If I were a woman, sitting in a home, perhaps waiting for dinner, I would love for a handsome man to sing to me. I say you do it.


  2. Absolutely a fantastic idea, Map! Do it! Do it! The folks in a home or a hospital are always so pleased to have someone come by and sing. We occasionally has someone come into the hospital with a guitar and sit in a corner, just singing quietly, a few songs on each ward. It does wonders to lift the spirits of those who are down and calm the nerves of those who are agitated. I think that is a wonderful idea!!!

    Not sure about the wig, though. You might want to just go as your natural self. Don't need to scare anyone half to death. ;-)

    Bless your heart! xoxoxo

  3. Great idea Map, I'm sure you will be very much appriciated

  4. That sort of thing always goes down well, in my experience has a health care professional.

    And don't worry about toning down the look. A lot of them are retired punks nowadays.

  5. Brilliant! I'm sure the oldsters will love it but you'll be surprised as just how satisfying you'll find it. And look at is this way...they're a captive audience! Most of them couldn't walk out if they wanted to!

  6. A superb idea!
    As you're not getting any younger, you may as well start getting used to the environment... ;)

  7. It might be kinder just to place a pillow over the oul wans heids my friend. Can you no take up lunchtime drinking instead?

    The Lovat the morra at noon, saved a stool for yis, no be late, reet?

  8. What a cool idea! If you were close enough,I know I'd asked you to stop by and be the guest at my Senior Center....and we feed our guests. :)

    I would, however, choose the "natural" look for the hairdo. After all, your audience can certainly relate. ;0