Thursday, 3 May 2012

Call Me

When I was thirteen I was accepted into the CBS Pipe Band.
Big deal. No! A fucking Major big deal for a kid like me back then.
Ever since I was big enough to remember a St. Patrick's Day parade, all I ever wanted was to be a member of the CBS Pipe Band.
And now I was.
I was 13, a big boy.
I was so proud.
But better than that, my Da was proud.
And that made me walk even taller than I possibly ever could!

My life actually changed.
Three months later I was in Amsterdam, Rotherdam.
Before I knew it I was in France.
Not to mention travelling all over Ireland.

But my favourite trips, of them all, was to Scotland.
For the world championships.
And my favourite city?

I think of Glasgow as HOME.
I know our family came from Scotland (on Da's side) originally, but don't know yet quite where from.
But, a lot of my best times as a teen were spent in Glasgow.
And sadly I haven't been back for a WHILE.

Before the year is out, I'm travelling HOME.

Any Weedgers wanna meet up, then just gimme a shout on the email, reet?


  1. how cool are you? hot damn, sugar, i wish i could make that trip! xoxoxo

  2. When I saw the title of your blog post on my sidebar, I was expecting you to be singing a Blondie cover :)

    Keep me informed of your travel plans - if you're crossing over at Stranraer we could look to try and meet up either on your way there or on your way back :)

  3. What a splendid adventure that must have been as a boy.
    I hope the Glasgow trip is a success. If you see our mutual friend a hug from me.

  4. Kim beat me to it. :)

    What a wonderful time you'll have...and I'm sure a certain Gentleman will be glad to entertain you.

    (Don't tell him I called him the "G" word, he might want to amend my vocabulary again). ;)

  5. Like Kim and Hope, I also thought of Blondie. ;-)

    Hope you have a lovely visit, whenever you get around to going!

    By the by, someone named Stella came to my blog today, asking me why you were dumping her! I'll not be doing your dirty work there, Map. You've got to keep your chicks lined up all on your own. I'm not your manager, see. Just one of the PR team. ;-)

  6. sav; A good place for all of us to meet-up someday! :¬)


    Kim; I have the original 7" vinyl!
    (Will be sure to give ye a shout when I'm over!) :¬)

    Pat; Music has always been an adventure for me Pat, still is. If I see Himself I'll try to give him a big hug from you. (Ya, see how far I get with THAT!) :¬)


    hope; Don't mind him, he's just a big pussycat! :¬)


    Pon; Never heard of her! :¬)