Sunday, 25 September 2011

Phavorite Photies.

This is one of my favourite photies.

Me, three of my brothers, my younger sis, my mad cousin Caroline, and my favourite nephew Robert. (He's the one with THE eyebrows!)
That was a good night.
I always have fun with my family.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Mapstew Mandate

It's Thursday.
Meet Paul (the Plumber) for pints.
That's my ManDate.
Discuss the world's problems over a few.

'The person you are calling may be out of reach or may have their device switched off'!

Stop ignoring me! Says I!

Got a gobbledegook text message at 8:30.

Paul (the Plumber) as I later found out, was having a bad day, packed up shop, and headed for the pub at 5:30.

Needless to say he was in fierce form by the time I arrived, (8:50).

"Don't give out to me" says he, sitting all alone in the beer garden, big puppy dog eyes, feeling sorry for himself, all 19 stone of his big sad sorry self, like a drunk overweight teenage boy (with a plumbers arse pushin' out of his low slung cheap jeans) meeting his first girlfriend after having had one too many for 'Dutch Courage'!

I managed to get two pints in before it was time to take himself home (2 hours before closing time!) in a cab!

Tells me they are having their third baby early in 2012.
No, that's good news.
He's feeling sorry 'cos he's getting TOO much work!

I think he's hoping for a son this time!

Telpis! (God help us!) (Bubba?)

Can't help but love him! :¬)

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Nothing To Write (Home About).

Mr. & Mrs. Map seem to have become taxi drivers.

My friends told me they hope I make too much food for dinner so they can have the leftovers!

Sometimes a song is just a song, don't over analyse it.

I had to turn the heat on every evening this week.

No limes in the house, what was I thinking?!

Singing is therapy.

I wish I could afford to knock all the internal walls downstairs in our house and make it into one big room.

The Gazebo literally weathered the storm, so my smoker pals still have someplace to smoke when they visit.

The chrysanthemums are dying.

But so are the ants. (Or at least they've gone into hibernation!)

I hate shaving, is there a tablet one can take?

I've washed my hands of my OCD, over and over and over.

I bought new boots, they have steel toecaps. Don't make me angry.

Which came first, the chicken or the egg mayonnaise? (I was in the bathroom when the waiter arrived!)

My pal often gives me bread (wheat free) as a gift.

My pal often drinks (a lot) of my beer when he brings me bread (wheat free) as a gift!

'Time for bed' said Zebedee!

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Wet & Windy

'It's fuckin' miserable out'!

That's how we say it's bad, weatherwise! You'd think we'd be used to it by now?!
But no, ever hopeful us Irish, where's that feckin' climate change we were promised! :¬)

So, today's menu.

Boiled bacon & Cabbage
Mashed parsnips (With butter & Black pepper)
Parsley sauce

Blackberry & Apple Crumble (With fresh cream)


Blazing Fire


Come on over! :¬)

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Oh The Days Of The Kerry Dances

I could sit here at the keyboard and write 'til the cows come home about my Da, but not tonight.

You left us 25 years ago today Dad.

There was so much we never got to do.

But you taught me so much.

And you made me who I am.

Love you and still miss you every day.

Your favourite tune.