Thursday, 22 September 2011

Mapstew Mandate

It's Thursday.
Meet Paul (the Plumber) for pints.
That's my ManDate.
Discuss the world's problems over a few.

'The person you are calling may be out of reach or may have their device switched off'!

Stop ignoring me! Says I!

Got a gobbledegook text message at 8:30.

Paul (the Plumber) as I later found out, was having a bad day, packed up shop, and headed for the pub at 5:30.

Needless to say he was in fierce form by the time I arrived, (8:50).

"Don't give out to me" says he, sitting all alone in the beer garden, big puppy dog eyes, feeling sorry for himself, all 19 stone of his big sad sorry self, like a drunk overweight teenage boy (with a plumbers arse pushin' out of his low slung cheap jeans) meeting his first girlfriend after having had one too many for 'Dutch Courage'!

I managed to get two pints in before it was time to take himself home (2 hours before closing time!) in a cab!

Tells me they are having their third baby early in 2012.
No, that's good news.
He's feeling sorry 'cos he's getting TOO much work!

I think he's hoping for a son this time!

Telpis! (God help us!) (Bubba?)

Can't help but love him! :¬)


  1. :-) Too much work... Now there's a problem, huh?! Anyway, sounds like he's going to need the additional income!

    (And congratulations to him!)


  2. Oh, the poor man! Like Pearl says, he'll be needing the extra money when that baby comes along. Congrats to him, and good on you for being a good pal to your Paul. xoxoxo

  3. Map, you really are a soulful writer sometimes. Has anybody ever told you that?

    I was happy to hear about the cab. That's my pet peeve.

  4. bless your heart, bubba, but you did everything right. xoxox for paul and his family! xoxoxoxo

  5. Paul should enjoy that income now, as well as your company. :)

    Funny how just one tiny thing wrong added to the pile makes us think the world is exploding.

    I'm trying not to build a pile as we week left before new work digs. yuck.

  6. pearl; He's a very, very deep man is our Paul (the Plumber). I've known him almost thirty years now, one of my oldest and dearest friends. He spent quite a while in the USA (he's an American citizen) during the 80's and early 90's, and just happened to buy a house around the corner from mine when he settled back in Ireland. He was also a guitar player in my first ever band 'The Wilson Cloud Chamber'! :¬)


    Pon; My friends are very important to me! ;¬)


  7. UB; You make me blush sir!

    As for the cab, we usually walk home of a Thursday night, the pub is only about a 15 minute stroll, but himself was a little bit worse for wear! :¬)

    sav; ta missus. He's a grand lad, with a lovely wife and two wee lassies (4 & 2) both adored by all in my gang!

    My love to MITM, you and the family. :¬)


  8. hope; I don't like piles! (I have that special cream, somewhere!) :¬)


  9. That's a great talent you have to persuade someone to leave the pub before closing time when their judgement has gone with the wind. He must love and trust you.

  10. Pat, if the truth be known my precious one, I only go in for the Tayto crisps and not the drink. I am well known for not being able to hold my alcohol, just ask anyone. Occasionally the tasty salt and vinegar crunchy crispy bits get stuck under my plate and rather than pop out the top set and spit the debris into my hankie I sip gingerly on a pale ale and giggle loudly like a pair of 16 year old girls looking at a boy for the first time.

  11. Pat; If the truth be known, I have another 'friend' who likes to get up to a wee bit o' mischief on my blog! He's also well known for keeping his haunds in his long pockets when it's his turn at the bar. :¬)

  12. well, my dear sir - i'm hoping this third time, as they say, is the charm in getting a comment to take here - truth be known, and it is that your beautiful friendships and the beautiful telling of them are the result of that beautiful heart beating inside a beautiful musicman whose love of family and friends comes first - best wishes to paul the plumber and his newly expanding family - and especially to the wee one about to join this world - to you, mister - and to yours, hugs -

  13. GYPSYWOMAN; Congrats on getting in at last! Hope the house move doesn't prove to be too stressful. Let us know when ye're settled and I'll drop by with a wee basket of something. And maybe a bottle of something special. :¬)