Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Nothing To Write (Home About).

Mr. & Mrs. Map seem to have become taxi drivers.

My friends told me they hope I make too much food for dinner so they can have the leftovers!

Sometimes a song is just a song, don't over analyse it.

I had to turn the heat on every evening this week.

No limes in the house, what was I thinking?!

Singing is therapy.

I wish I could afford to knock all the internal walls downstairs in our house and make it into one big room.

The Gazebo literally weathered the storm, so my smoker pals still have someplace to smoke when they visit.

The chrysanthemums are dying.

But so are the ants. (Or at least they've gone into hibernation!)

I hate shaving, is there a tablet one can take?

I've washed my hands of my OCD, over and over and over.

I bought new boots, they have steel toecaps. Don't make me angry.

Which came first, the chicken or the egg mayonnaise? (I was in the bathroom when the waiter arrived!)

My pal often gives me bread (wheat free) as a gift.

My pal often drinks (a lot) of my beer when he brings me bread (wheat free) as a gift!

'Time for bed' said Zebedee!


  1. It has been a summer of shame for me ... the ants have been having their way with me for months...

  2. Think long and hard before you make it impossible to have a quiet space. Just saying.
    Ants are pants.

  3. Open concept homes are huge here. And I love them! The MoS's kitchen, dining room and living room are all one big space with a cathedral ceiling. It's a warm and inviting place to hang out in and socialize. If you want a quiet space, there's a bedroom... or the garage! ;-)

    We've had two nights of frost now so hopefully all the bugs are gone! It's going to warm up again next week into the 20s so perhaps we will have a nice, long Indian Summer. I've my fingers crossed.

    Glad your gazebo survived the storm. We had a wind storm on Monday... trees down in a few places and bits of the roof torn off a building here and there. The lake had 2 - 3 foot whitecaps... like being at the ocean without having to travel far! ;-)

  4. I agree about a song sometimes being just a song, and I will cease and desist with the overanalysis. Sarge told me the same thing. ; )

    Unless that's not what you were talking about...

    In which case, it still holds true.

    I like this bits and bobs post.

  5. I find it amusing that in America, if they leave the walls out and have the Kitchen/Living Room/Dining space all together, called a "Great Room" costs more. :)

    You have ants...I have crickets! Not just one type, but 3! Once a year they invade my Center, have an orgy and die. I sweep up about 45 a day but tomorrow the temperature is suppose to drop 20 degrees and that will be the end of that. :)

    Have a good weekend. Singing is good.

  6. I too hate shaving. :(
    No limes? *sigh*
    Grab some on your Taxi run. :)