Saturday, 30 January 2010

Thinking Of You....

My Baby Kate sang this at my gig tonight.

This is what cheers a daddy!

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Up Up. And a way?

Sometimes, no matter how hard I try, I just can't stay up!

(I try to, I do, and I succeed, almost always!)

Jimmy tells me, "you have to be strong. 'Be strang fer yer clan lad'!" And I am, most days

I know.


I Know.

But just now, I'm sad.

And crying, and I'm giving in to the sad.
And I need to, and have to.

But i'll be grand tomorrow, sure.


Sunday, 24 January 2010


Don't ever be afraid to display your talent!

This is NOT about SuBo! It's about You.

Yes, YOU!

(I Know! Youtubes soon!! :¬) )

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Let My Children Sing

Kate was our 'Special Guest' at last Saturdays gig in Claws.
And special it was.

This is one of the songs she sang.
All were impressed!

(And yes, 'youtubes' on the way.)

Saturday, 16 January 2010


Up and down.
Up and down!

Pete is my fellow bandmate, and a good friend.
His dad, 'Fats', a brilliant saxophonist, lovely man, also a friend.
I have spent many an evening in company with both of these men,
Along with Adam, nephew of Pete, grandson of 'fats', and also friend of mine.
All of us, different ages, all musicians, all happy, drinking and having the craic.
Many many times.

'Fats' is not well right now.
Not well at all.
He needs good energy from you all.
As do Pete and Adam,
And Maureen, his wife, and Susanne, his daughter.

Think of them, my friends, and send them love.


Tuesday, 12 January 2010


(pic; Diane Arbus) (I am not in this pic.)

My cousin passed away at the weekend.
She was buried yesterday.
I didn't go to the funeral.
My excuse? I am not feeling that well.
I have a bad cold!
My head hurts!
My bones hurt!
My whole body aches!
I stayed in bed all day, in and out of sleep.
In and out of dreams.
The most vivid one;
'My step-aunt, (My deceased cousin's mother), kept prodding me with pointy witch fingers!'
Most probably.
My cousin had been in full time care most of her life.
The majority of it in a wheelchair.
She was both physically and mentally challenged.
I remember her most fondly as a big happy girl who was easily amused.
But that was when I was a kid myself, who was also easy to keep amused!
Her mother (with whom I have issues!) let her husband (he passed last year), look after this misfortune for most of her life. And a good part of his!
She died suddenly of a massive heart attack.
At the age of 54.
It was quick.
We're told she didn't suffer.
I am glad for that.

I am also glad I am ill.
It is my excuse.
I'm sick of funerals.
I have had quite enough for the time being, thank you.
Bring on the fucking happy times!
Give me more weddings!
And christenings even!

I will mourn Tricia in my own way.
In my own time.

I remember her smiling,
She is 11 years old,
Throwing a ball to and fro'
With me.
To and fro' In our garden.
Both of us.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

My First Girlfriend

(Pic; Diane Arbus.) (I am not in this pic.)

Her name was Josie Coady.
She had come from the U.K. to stay with her Auntie Rosy for the summer.
Rosy lived right across the street fom us.
A big jolly lady, always clothed in a floral housecoat.
One of my favourite neighbours.
She never had her own kids, but did adopt the bestest of my friends!

Anyway, Josie arrived , and instantly we fell in love.
She was staying for eight weeks!
And we spent most of those sixty plus days together!
And it was magic.
And then she had to go home.
Tragic, heartbreak!
But she swore she would return.

We swore to write, and she did.
And I replied.
For weeks, months even!

But sometimes absence does not make the heart grow fonder!
And the miles between us severed the love.

She did come back the following summer.
And we hardly had a smile to pass between us when we met.
But that year had made us both so much older.
More aware of life.
More mature!

That year we both turned Eight.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

When I Was Just A Little Boy.

(Pic; Diane Arbus.) (I am not in this pic.)

People tell me Mam was beautiful when she was young.
Tall, blonde, knew how to carry herself.

She may be 84 today, but she still carries herself.
Tall, blonde (ish), proud.
Still beautiful!

People tell me Dad was the most handsome man they knew.
I didn't see that as a young punk!
I didn't see how dark, sultry, cool he was.
He was Da!

Will my girls be proud of me?
Will they, when with their friends, point me out in a crowd?

Well, they are, I think!
And they have, I Know!

Do I care?
Yes , I do!

'Cos I am proud of the way we are raising them.
I am proud of the way they are turning into responsible young adults.
I think we may be doing things the right way!

We may have something to shout about one of these days!

Maybe one day in the future someone will say to one of my daughters,

"Your Da was one of the most........"

Update; I think I might have gotten my answer

Tuesday, 5 January 2010


(Pic; Diane Arbus) (I am not in this pic!)

It was cold today, and icy.
But I went on a journey.
With due care and attention to the conditions.
It was quite a long journey, and one I'd done many times before.

But today what I saw was not just a familiar place.
A very beautiful place.

No, today without realising it, I went to a Time!
And saw, in someone else, a reflection of myself.
From long ago.
I saw a person I had almost forgotten.
And it made me smile.
Was I really that shy skinny lad?

Sunday, 3 January 2010

I Am.

I am a very lucky man.
A happy man.
A loved and cherished man.