Friday, 1 January 2010

Why Does This Remind Me Of My 80's Good Times?

Best Song Of Last Year!

We WILL be Victorious!


  1. What a great tune! I've not listened to Muse before... I think I just may have to start. Thanks for the intro, Map! xoxo

  2. Great tune, big man. Never really got into Muse, always like what i heard, but not heard very much.....
    There is a bit of the Doctor Who theme about the intro, and a bit of Blondie Call Me in a wee bit of the chorus.
    quality pal.
    Happy new yr to you, and merry xmas, if i didnt wish you that already.
    take care
    Andy C

  3. keep on truckin, poppa! ;~D xoxoxox

  4. Pon; You are more than welcome hon!


    bdb; Good to see you around again!
    I think there's a bit of Billy's 'White Wedding' in there too?
    Wishing you good stuff!


    Sav; Oh Yeah!


  5. Both a great song and video, Map. I can't say why it reminds you of the 80s, but I totally agree with VICTORIOUS!

  6. Because you played with toys and blew things up in the 80s---no
    Because you had to play outside because you were too loud inside---no
    Was thinking of Vangelis in the early part of the clip--electric music

  7. You was drunk then, and you are still drunk the noo perhaps?

  8. Charlie; I just love that word! 'Victorious'!


    Clyde; I actually did blow up a few things in the 80's! All accidentally, of course!


    Jimmy; I am drunk then, and I was drunk now!
    Yeah, you got it pal!

  9. I am a HUGE Muse fan - their 'Black Holes and Revelations' album was awesome, and we play it at full volume in my house often! I do like the new album - Uprising is probably the best song on the album, although Resistance comes a close second!

    My son is a big Muse fan too, and is teaching himself Muse songs on the piano. He received a fab book for Christmas, which has the PF sheet music for all the songs from the 'Origin of Symmetry' album.

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  11. Helga; Rock On! And Son too!

    I wish I'd kept up on my piano lessons as a kid (long story!), but hearing my daughter play as well as she does is compensation enough for now!