Thursday, 7 January 2010

When I Was Just A Little Boy.

(Pic; Diane Arbus.) (I am not in this pic.)

People tell me Mam was beautiful when she was young.
Tall, blonde, knew how to carry herself.

She may be 84 today, but she still carries herself.
Tall, blonde (ish), proud.
Still beautiful!

People tell me Dad was the most handsome man they knew.
I didn't see that as a young punk!
I didn't see how dark, sultry, cool he was.
He was Da!

Will my girls be proud of me?
Will they, when with their friends, point me out in a crowd?

Well, they are, I think!
And they have, I Know!

Do I care?
Yes , I do!

'Cos I am proud of the way we are raising them.
I am proud of the way they are turning into responsible young adults.
I think we may be doing things the right way!

We may have something to shout about one of these days!

Maybe one day in the future someone will say to one of my daughters,

"Your Da was one of the most........"

Update; I think I might have gotten my answer


  1. Maybe, but to your daughters, you always will be, the one and only.

    Which I might add, can cause some difficulty in them finding someone as good as their dad to marry. Trust me on this one.

  2. @eloh; Is anyone ever good enough for our babies? :¬)


  3. I don't think your girls are going to think you are dark---tall, maybe but not dark
    Funny where that hair grows when its not on the top of the head
    But of course they will love you and look up to you----you are cool

  4. Clyde; See, that's why I like you!



  5. I care PLENTY what The Daughters think! My dad didn’t give a rat’s ass about me and his dad didn’t care about him. Someone had to break this ridiculous cycle and I'm just the guy to do it.

  6. UB; If I've learned anything about you it's that you are a wonderful Dad! :¬)

  7. Hmmmm. I put a comment up here last night and it's disappeared...

    What I said was, I am sure your girls think you are the coolest dad ever! Not everyone has a singer/musician/band member for a dad.

    And you are cool, Map. In the kind of way that will make your girls look for someone like you when they're searching for that special man to spend their lives with. Because they know love and kindness and openness and fun and laughter... xoxoxo

  8. My Dad was my best friend, my biggest fan, and my staunchest ally. Because of that I could handle anything life threw at me (even, astonishingly, his death). What you are really giving your daughters, Map, is the strength to live well. And that is the coolest thing of all.

  9. I think you're pretty cool, Map, and I'm not even one of your daughters!

  10. Maybe one day in the future someone will say to one of my daughters,

    "Your Da was one of the most........"

    "....devious musical bastids ever to draw breath. Everytime it was his roond, aft he would go for yet another pish."

  11. Even as a little girl, my criteria for a future husband was always the same, "He has to be like Dad. Smart, funny and can fix things."

    Yeah, I found him. Still have him around. :)

    I'm sure, since most of us unrelated to you think you're just too cool and lovable to boot, those you've raised will have no problem with that.

    And Happy Birthday to Ma! I'll never be tall or blonde, but I hope to follow in her footsteps and celebrate a birthday myself next week. Please tell Ma she raised a good son. And that no, you didn't pay me to say that. ;)

  12. Pon; I don't know what the feck happened to your original comment hon, but I'm glad ye came back! You make me feel treasured! :¬)


    Tiffin; I hope so, I really do! Thanks.


    Charlie: See, people like you can come to my house anytime pal. Anytime! :¬)

    Jimmy; I was cursed with a weak bladder! And long pockets!!


    hope; If only you could feel the hugs I'm sending your way hon! You always say the nicest things!

    Ma won't be celebrating 'til late summer, but you can bet, she WILL be celebrating!

    You are a lucky lady to have found Himself, and him you! I wish you both long life and happiness, I do.



  13. All; See update at bottom of post!

  14. y'all are a treasure, sugar! i left a comment at kate's. she is a darling girl. congrats to the missus and y'all's good self! xoxoxoo

  15. When we're young we desperately want some kind of admiration from our parents. When we get older, we crave it from our kids :)

  16. It's colder than ever here and yet, when I read your comment, it was as if a pair of warm arms slipped around me and gave me a big ol' hug. ;)

    I like daughter's "reply". Cool kid. Good sure to share that with the missus. :)

  17. I'm sure you are the coolest dad around. It took me a while to get to know my own dad, but he's pretty cool now, so maybe we all get there in our own time.

  18. Kim; And the wheel turns...! :¬)

    hope; Coldest here since I was a lad!

    Just in from a wedding gig, and the first thing I always do is fire up the interweblog and pour mesel a drink! That's my wind-down.

    And to come home to comments such as from yourself, well, I couldn't ask for better!

    (Kate came to last nights (small) gig. We did our first duet together! Totally unrehearsed, but a great experience for both Dad & Daughter!


    Madame DF; I was just getting to that age when I could go for pints and chat with Da, when he was taken from us. I miss not having that time, and regret not doing it earlier!
    But that's life, and one of the reasons why me & herself spend so much time with the girls.

    (p.s. I think you brought all this cold weather back with you! :¬)