Sunday, 28 February 2010

For Pon, hope, Sav, et al!

I'm not happy with the sound, light, performance, but if it gets them ladies off my back for a while!

I promise much more pro output in the future!

Thursday, 25 February 2010

From Whence Came My Subtitles.

Yes, yes, what's all this shouting, we'll have no trouble here!

So, now you know how my brain is wired! :¬/

Sunday, 21 February 2010

My Happy.

That poor bewildered girl hope has given me an award.
Her mind is clearly not her own.
For some unknown reason she seems to like me.
If I believed in a god he wouldn't know why, for Jesus sake! :¬)

Well anyhow, As part of my acceptance speech I have to list 10 things which make me happy.
Being the miserable bastard that I am, this is proving to be quite a challenge!
So here goes; (These are not in the order of preference in any way.)

1; Babies.
Yes. babies are number one on my list of 'what makes Map happy'!
Ask anyone, I love babies!
Love holding them, looking at them, the smell of them, kissing them, even changing their nappies! (Diapers, for you folks across the pond!)
Nothing makes me smile more than being in the vicinity of babies!

2; Music.
I am never more 'happy in my head' than when I am involved in music in any way.
Doesn't matter if it's performing, creating, listening, I am just happy to be involved. And my kids are the same, which is a double bonus!

3; Annette.
The love of my life. My wife. My best friend. The one who gives me the confidence to do what I want to do. The one who encourages me to 'go for it'. The one who believes in me. She is the fuel for my engine. And she loves me for me. And I can't ask for more than that.

4; The confidence in my daughters.
I am not wishing to brag, but I know for a fact that my babies will grow up to be strong, confident, independent women. That makes me very happy.

5; Bloggers.
Yep, that's you lot.
You make me happy in a way so different to ways 'other' people do.
I never expected to make friends when I put that first toe in the blogger pond, expecting as I did for it to be possibly cold, or at the very least, a tepid watery dip. Instead I have found it to be such a warm and inviting swim in a pool of endless vacation! I have been loved, admired, encouraged and hugged by each and every one of you, in good times and bad. Thank you all.

6; Pals.
I'm not going to mention them by name, and most of them don't even know about this bloggery anyway, so it wouldn'y make any difference.
But pals are so important to me.
(I'm talking mostly man-pals here, it's a guy thing!)
My oldest pal I've known for almost 30 years now. He was my best man when I got married. He has been in bands with me for as long as I have known him. He is Godfather to my first baby.
I would trust him with my life.
My newest pal, has the same name as my oldest pal, and, though we have yet to meet, I feel his friendship just as strong as though I had lived next door to him in d'island field, a few miles indeed from Drumchapel.
I would trust him with my life.

7; Swimming in the ocean.
Now, I only learned to swim about four years ago, having lived for the previous 44 or so years quite content with the dread fear of water! But my babies (all fantastic swimmers) persuaded me to take lessons, which I did (under pressure), and have never looked back. If the joy of swimming in our local leisure-centre pool made me delirious with aqua-joy, the ecstacy I felt the first time I swam underwater in the warm joy that was the Atlantic, off the coast of north Africa was a head-banging sensation I would re-live every day of my life if I could!

8; People Watching.
I just get such a craic out of watching ordinary everyday people going about their business. I think it is wonderful how everybody, strangers, neighbours, even family, have such different lives. It amazes me! And makes me happy to see other people (complete strangers) go about their lives, laughing, shopping, holding hands and kissing/hugging and not having noticed that they were being noticed!

9; Art.
Back to the creative again. I love art in all it's forms.
I have always loved going to galleries, big and small, and have loved introducing my girls to all forms of art. I think at least one of them will find a career there.

(Apart from the performing arts, I have a few fairly large painted pieces of my own creation hanging on my own humble walls!)

10; More Babies.
I am looking forward to the day when I hold my grandbabies in my arms.
The thought of this makes me oh so happy!

So there ya go hope!

There are no rules as to how many, or to whom I should pass this on, so I am leaving it to YOU to take up the challenge. :¬)

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Man. I Think I Just Had A Flashback!

I played this so many times back then I think I made a new groove in the vinyl!

I was 18!

Still good!

Update; Just for Kim!

Sunday, 14 February 2010


Heard this for the first time today.
Great song, written by Mika.
I love my mates, and miss the ones who have passed.
I have tasted those salty tears.

Enjoy your friends.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010


(Actual 'Glasswing' or 'Invisible Butterfly')

I had this dream last night.

I'm at a big awards ceremony and I'm being presented with the top award.
By Jean Paul Getty.
For an art installation I call 'Invisible Butterfly'!

(I just Googled, and go figure but such a creature does exist! See pic above.)

I made the piece (this is still the dream) from 15,000 Tetra-Pak milk cartons.
Which I stuck together with glue to make a giant butterfly.
Each carton is then filled with helium gas and sealed shut.

The 'Invisible Butterfly' hovers magically 20 feet above our local art museum. (still dream!)

Never realised I was so creative!

Sunday, 7 February 2010

My Week.

So, some things I did this week.

1; I started training again, at the gym. Big thing for me.

2; I went back a second day to the gym! And a third!

3; I went to my Sister's house. This was a major big thing for me. My first time visiting since She died. I sat in the car for a good few minutes outside the door before I could pluck up the courage to go up the steps and knock on the door. But I did, eventually. I think my niece was a bit shocked to see me, but once I was in, and seated in Her sitting room, I relaxed and remembered all my good times there with Her! And I am happy I have taken that big step.

4; For some reason, I kept waking up in the middle of the night scratching furiously at my (hairy) chest! Every night, every fucking night!! Night sweats? Anyway, I decided to shave my chest!! And you know what, it DOES make a difference! Only thing, three days later, I got a chest stubble! Fuck! So, do I keep shaving, or wait 'til the chest wig grows back again?

5; I Did gigs.

6; I went to the pub.

7; I went to the Youngest's basketball game. (We won, 18/5 Yeah!)

8; I went to the pub! Met me mates, laughed.

Can't complain.

(I left out all the sexy bits! You know yourself!!!)


Saturday, 6 February 2010

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Poetry Innit?

Please visit KateNap for a wonderful poem!

And I Know She would love your comments. So go visit and comment!

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Exorcise? Exercise!

This week has been good.
The head is clearer.

I've done a bit of clearing out in the cranium dept.
And a lot of it I put down to my return to exercise.
I've gone back to the gym.
One of the trainers went into a weakness when she saw me, bless her!
Anyway, it's feckin' tough getting back after so long.
And the body is sore, very sore, but I can deal with that.
The head is clearer.
And I can do with that.
Plus I get to look like an Adonis before Speedo season!