Sunday, 7 February 2010

My Week.

So, some things I did this week.

1; I started training again, at the gym. Big thing for me.

2; I went back a second day to the gym! And a third!

3; I went to my Sister's house. This was a major big thing for me. My first time visiting since She died. I sat in the car for a good few minutes outside the door before I could pluck up the courage to go up the steps and knock on the door. But I did, eventually. I think my niece was a bit shocked to see me, but once I was in, and seated in Her sitting room, I relaxed and remembered all my good times there with Her! And I am happy I have taken that big step.

4; For some reason, I kept waking up in the middle of the night scratching furiously at my (hairy) chest! Every night, every fucking night!! Night sweats? Anyway, I decided to shave my chest!! And you know what, it DOES make a difference! Only thing, three days later, I got a chest stubble! Fuck! So, do I keep shaving, or wait 'til the chest wig grows back again?

5; I Did gigs.

6; I went to the pub.

7; I went to the Youngest's basketball game. (We won, 18/5 Yeah!)

8; I went to the pub! Met me mates, laughed.

Can't complain.

(I left out all the sexy bits! You know yourself!!!)



  1. Sounds like a very productive week... esp. the visit to Her house. I'm so glad you were able to do that... a big step in the grieving process for you.

    Try using electric clippers and just keep the chest hair short... although your lovely Annette may not be so keen on snuggling up to a hedgehog. ;-)

  2. Pon; It was a big thing, and my niece knew it, and it was good for her I knew too to see me in her house.

    As for the hair, it's hard enough keeping the head shorn! Think the chest thing was a one-off! xxx

  3. loved the vid

    Try waxing the carpet

  4. that video was hilarious, sugar! ((((map))) for going to y'alls sister's house. re the chest, try using a different bath soap. seriously, it just might be something as simple as that! xoxoxo

  5. Good for you re the visit to your sister's house. Big step, that.

    There a ton of reasons why you might be itching: I'd get it checked out by a doc.

  6. I wonder if the exercise put you in the right frame of mind to visit your sister's house?
    Anyhow - good move.
    I never got Marcel Marceau but that mime had me chortling.

  7. Lulu; I'm too innocent to even know what that means! :¬)


    Sav; Thanks fer the hugs missus, always welcome!

    As for the sweaty itchin', my missus thinks it's the MENopause! :¬)


    Tui; Thanks T.

    The itchin' aint that bad now. (Me? A Man? Go to the DOCTOR??) :¬)


    Pat; You may very well be right! :¬)


  8. I'm glad you were able to make the "family" step in visiting. Your niece probably needed it as much as you. That's one of the saddest things about a death: you're surrounded by people who truly care...and the next day, they've gone back to their own lives. Here, add a hug to the pile.

    MENopause? That made me laugh out loud! I too was about to ask about soap or even a new laundry detergent. Must be a southern gal thing. I once changed fabric softners and broke out in hives until I figured out that was a pattern to it.

    Dear man, never shave anything that you don't want to have to maintain for eternity. You'd think keeping your pate clean would be enough. ;) And Pon's right...not exactly a "snuggle" incentive.

  9. hope; You are right of course! It's hard enough keeping the face and head smooth!

    (I did have to shave 'other' places just before I had my vasectomy a number of years ago. I think the shaving was more traumatic than the actual operation! And Not a good look!) :¬)


  10. And for some reason, some men actually 'choose' to keep that look. ;-)

  11. Three days at the gym---well that's enough for this year.
    Love going to kids sport---good onya Dad
    Glad you went to your sisters house---they are still family and love you---you can still bring your side of the family into their lives.
    And the pub with mates---what better release is there
    Go Stew---life sounds good

  12. Pon; As I often say, "What's that all about?"



    Clyde; And I'm off again in an hour or so, it's getting harder each week to keep the belly sucked-in!

    The youngest just loves sports, especially basketball and Gaelic football. Two tough sports for a wee thing, she's a little dynamo though!

    Thanks mate. :¬)

  13. You went to the pub but you never chapped my door?

  14. Jimmy; Ye're always at the bar ahead of me, getting 'em in, and warmin' my stool,the kind lad that ye are!

  15. Let the chest hair grow back.

  16. @eloh; The process has already started. :¬)

  17. Glad to see you engaging with life again. Although you only have yourself to blame about the chest hair.

    Are you going for the back, sac and crack next time?

  18. Kim; I'm sticking to 'from the neck up' from now on. The rest can do as nature intended! :¬)