Wednesday, 30 December 2009

For You.

So, this year.
Almost gone.
And you know, tomorrow is just the next day really.
And I wonder why we put so much emphasis on a particular date?
Maybe we all need new beginnings.
Or do we all just need to draw a line under this year, and start again, fresh?
Is that what it is?

This last year has given me a lot.
It has also taken a lot from me.

It has given me YOU. (Yes, you lot in the sidebar, you know who you are!)
You have enriched my life so much, words defy me.
You have taught me, hugged me, laughed with me.
And cried with me.
But most of all, you have listened to me.
And you have encouraged me, egged me on.
In good times and bad.
So I thank you all.
And I love you all.

This year has also taken from me too many people I love.
And although you have never met any of them, you were there for me.

Please remember with me my family and friends who have passed,

Helen, my beloved Big Sister.

Bridie, my Auntie.

'Timber', my Uncle, (what a nickname!)

Timmy, Friend.

Nicky, Friend.

T.K., Friend.



  1. Isn't life all give and take.
    I suppose new year is a line drawn for us all to have another start---hope we do it better in 2010.
    I hope its a great one for you mate

  2. It's been a nasty year all round... a blotted calendar, let's hope next year's better.
    Happy New Year!!!

  3. Brother Map,

    It is I who am thankful for you. I look forward to one day that two men, two friends, two brothers meet and greet each other. You have given me something to hope for: a family across the water.

    Best wishes to you and yours in the coming new year (Athbhliain faoi mhaise duit).


  4. It's been that kind of year for us, too. We've lost 4 family and extended family members, and 2 acquaintances---all since July. We've had the hospitalization of a child with a serious illness, and difficult diagnoses of other family members. And I still feel optimistic for the future. Here's to random acts of kindness and senseless beauty.

  5. I didn't think that 2009 could be worse than 2008 but, miraculously, it was!

    Dear 200X:

    Go fuck yourself. Seriously. The whole lot of you.

    Bring on 201X.

    Happy New Year to you, Good Sir Mapstew.

  6. Hey, that love fest goes both ways! {Yes, you may insert "blush" here}.

    There are times I wonder why I bother or try so hard when no one seems to pay attention and then, there you are. You make me smile, laugh, cry on occasion [over losses, not over anything said unkindly] and look forward to what the day will bring.

    You are a good man and your family is lucky to have you. And so are we!

    2010 just HAS to be better! xx

  7. A wonderful post, Map, that brought a tear to my eye (old guys like me do that sometimes). I'm proud to call you a friend. Happy 2010, and may your tip jar overflow.

  8. And the love is returned, my friend. All the best in 2010.


  9. Clyde: And right back at ye mate. I hope that hand gets better soon!! I am glad to have you as a friend. :¬)

    Scarlet; It can't be any worse hon, and sure if it is, we got all the gang to help us through! Nice to have made your aquaintance lovely lady! Here's to a good year!


    U; My family can never be too big! And the water is not too wide brother. Thank you for your lovely wish in my native tongue!

    'Agus tusa freisin mo chara!'

    I look forward to meeting you at my local airport. That will be me with the sign that says 'Brother'!
    Happy new year!

    debra; Life can be such a bastard! we have to look on the sunny side hon, otherwise we might as well give up. And I can't be doin' with that! And not to blow my own trumpet, but 'random acts of kindness' was the way I was brought up, and is the way I hope I have taught my girls! Karma? I dunno, but it makes life better yeah? happy new year to you my friend.


    UB; As you say, bring on the new! Glad to have met you my friend, you have shown me much! :¬)

    hope; What a sweetheart you are, truly! Isn't it feckin' great to have good friends?! Thank you for all your time this past 'asshole' year!


    Charlie; Hey, my newest friend, you are a good man. Nothing wrong with a weepy eye now and then! I often have a good cry to purge the heid! To know that I moved even one person with my random thoughts means so much to me! Looking forward to getting to know you even better in the coming year pal! :¬)

    Pearl; Thank you kindly hon!

    (Love the new 'Do' by the way! :¬)


  10. I am somewhat behind... as is my way, sorry! A wonderful post and it has been a pleasure getting to know you. Here's to looking forward and the new decade.

  11. Yes, here's to a good year! I pray...

    So wonderful to have met you, map!


  12. Dearest Map... I just got out of bed (no, I wasn't out partying last night but did manage to stay up until 12:09!). You have become one of my most treasured friends here in Bloggerland and I truly appreciate the joy you bring to my life.

    Wishing you a peaceful, happy and healthy 2010, much improved over the last year. Wishing you lots of love and laughter in your life, and a heart filled with beautiful music that you share with the world.

    Love to you, my friend... my little brother... xoxoxoxoxo

  13. Map, this was a lovely thing to read on the first day of 2010. Blessings of good health, good luck and good love to you and yours. Slaintè!

  14. St Jude; Behind? Not at all! You are welcome here any hour of the day or night!
    Wishing you good things for the year ahead.


    Leah; The pleasure was mine dear Leah! Here's to a happy future for us all.


    Pon; What can I say?!
    Isn't it wonderful to stumble upon strangers who turn out to be such close friends? There will come a day when we will have a drink and a laugh, together with the other fella, and what an evening it will be! Obviously you will be buying all the drinks!

    I wish you success.
    I wish you love.
    I wish you laughter.
    I wish you peace and contentment.
    I wish you FUN!

    Much hugs my friend! :¬)


    Tiffin; Thank you and many happy returns!
    Go raibh mile maith agat a chara!


  15. All the very best for the New Year Map!

  16. thank you for everything, sugar. peace, love and joy, my dear friend! happy new year! xoxoxoxoxo

  17. Jayne; Many happy returns. :¬)


    Sav; xoxoxoxoxoxox :¬)

    Bock; And you Boss!