Thursday, 3 December 2009

The Day.

Thank you for the day.

I remember this like it was yesterday.

My older brother Jimmy used to sing to me all the time.
He would hold me in his arms.
And sing.
He was (is) ten years older than me.
He would sit me on his lap,
And let me be the kid!
I would comb his hippy hair.
And wish for mine to be as long.
And he would sing his hippy songs.
To only me.
And sing along, I would.
And he was my hero.
Still is.

And he is still the better singer.


  1. Mappy,
    Some memories from our childhood will stay fresh in out minds & hearts until the day we die...

  2. Auntie; This one is so vivid, it's like it was only yesterday! And big Bro lives just around the corner now! :¬)

  3. Brother Map,

    It's good that you and Jimmy have remained so close. I read Leah's post today and thought about my brother Michael (who is my best friend). Even though he still lives in Chicago, we remain close; calling and texting each other.


  4. I envy you

    This sparked off thoughts of an old post of mine, No More Heroes.

  5. I always find the past and the future a chain rather than a liberty.
    I am also ever trying to escape from the present.
    I have however found some solace in the refuge of the road.

  6. "Hello? Yea, he's here. I'll tell him. Ray! It's your grandmother. She wants her pretty pink glasses back when you're done with them."

  7. Ha, my siblings were never so nice!

  8. Then be sure to have him do at least one song on your album. You know, the one we're all waiting on while your videographer for the YouTube video is busy. :)

    Between him and Sav's good news, you should be in fine form this evening!

  9. today is the birthday of my hippie brother - 8 years older than me... he taught me how to work on cars and inspired me to pick up a guitar. thanks for a great kinks memory, too

  10. Those memories are the best. I'm so glad that he is close by to you. xoxoxo

  11. I feel slightly wistful being an only child on reading this. I envy your experiences.

  12. I'm a sucker for long-haired hippie guys that sing to me -- or to you. Your brother sounds like a delightful human being.


  13. Don't... even... think... of asking to sit on MY knee! Unless of course you bring a bottle with you.

  14. U; He is ten years older, to the week! (And no other siblings in between.) I must have come as a bit of a shock to him and his teenage brother and sister! But loved I was, and love I returned! :¬)

    Kim; I read your post pal, wonderful writing. (Though I still look up to big bro!) :¬)

    Alan; I suppose it all depends on the road, and your particular journey. And wherever you find solace, well, that can only be good? :¬)

    UB; Hey, I KNOW you got those specs hidden away somewhere! :¬)

    AJ; I have to say, I have no complaints on the sibling front, just lucky? :¬)

    hope; oh he has already recorded! A wonderful Irish tenor is Jimmy!


    daisyfae; welcome, and a big hippy birthday to your brother! (You still strummin'?)


    Pon; Thanks hon, and I am sorry for your loss!

    xxx ((hugs)) xxx

    Madame DF; There were eight of us all together, and I think the experience made me who I am! We have three daughters, and would have had more, but it was not to be! I love a busy house, that's why all the teenagers in the 'hood are welcome here! (Man, but we cool olds!)


    Pearl; He is one of the nicest, quietest, 'do anything for anybody' kind of guys! And what a singer!


    Jimmy: Hey, you can keep your knee, the barstool next ta ye will suffice pure fine pal! :¬)