Wednesday, 16 December 2009


I'm getting a new tattoo.
(On my back!)

My talented favourite nephew Robert is the artist.
(He's still learning, but I trust him, and he needs the practice.)

Have I told you this already?
(I have a cold, and my head is funny!)
Drink is GOOD for a cold, yeah?

Anyway, pics when it's done.


  1. I have a tattoo on my shoulder. It's very small. A little bigger than a pound coin. When I got it, I almost passed out. It wasn't my finest hour.

  2. Brother Map,

    Glad to know it's on your back.

    Get well soon.


  3. (still learning) and (on your back)... am I reading to much into this?

  4. Pics? Cool! What about pics of your other tattoos as well?

    I don't have even one... and probably never will. Just not my thing.

    I have been considering having my navel pierced, though. That, outside of my ears, would be the only thing I would consider punching a hole in...

    But I haven't decided. It's not really high on my list of things to do.

    Hope you feel better soon, hon! xoxoxo

  5. Will it be in the style of the one shown, will the next one be on your face?

  6. Yes, Drink is good for a cold---actually, it's good for just about everything that ails you.
    One of the young girls from work has been trying to get me inked for years.
    Maybe you have inspired me---well that and the fact she is pregnant and wants to name the baby after me if its a boy---

  7. Yeah, I want to see your ink! Tell us more! And show us, show us! I could almost have an ink fetish. I love it. Not for me, but I love it.

  8. Show me yours and I'll show you mine.

  9. A "new" one?

    Um, as part of the company of "hope and Ponita P.R.", we may need a list of your current tats, as well as pictorial proof. You know, the media, when not properly managed, runs wild with rumors. I'd hate our first order of business to be refuting that you have a color portrait of Jimmy on your back. Unless it's tastefully done, of course. ;)

    Feel better soon. I don't know if drinking helps but I'm guessing it couldn't long as you don't drink everything in sight. Then again, my tee-totaling grandma made cough syrup out of whiskey and rock candy!

  10. UB; Ouch! The first piece I got took four and a half hours! (Bit of a masochist me!)


    U; Thanks Bro. :¬)

    @eloh; Some things just do actually mean what they say. :¬)

    Pon; Navel piercing eh? (Something to hang bunny from?) :¬0


    Lulu; Yes, it will be in a similar style to the one shown.

    No, the next one will not be on my face. But never say never! :¬)


    Clyde; I've takenmyself out of my sickbed and am on my way to the pub!

    So, a young pregnant girl is going to name her child Clyde? Is there something you should be telling us? :¬)

    Leah; I will probably show ALL my tats on my first video! :¬0


    Dev; Have you not seen mine? I'm sure we were both drunk enough! :¬)


  11. I've had the entire full starting line up of Celtic's 1st team over the last 100 years tattooed onto my gentlemans vegetable.

    I'm not sure what to put on the other 70%.

    ... and I know you're just longing to say the word....'Ponita'.

  12. i'm jealous, sugar! i've had a design that was done for me a few years ago, but i've just been to chicken to have it done. and besides, it just seems to have become de rigueur for women of a certain age! looking forward to the pictures. xoxoxoxo

    (drinking always help cure a cold!)

  13. Never thought of bunny dangling from the navel... was more an idea to hide a scar than anything else.

    To reiterate what Hope said, 'Hope and Ponita PR' really does need photographic proof of the tats... all of them... along with the video footage of you singing and displaying them.

    Good lord, man... you've had this assignment for how long now??? Do we need to light a fire under your arse to get it done???? *taps toe impatiently*

    @Jimmy... If you tattoo my moniker on said body part, I will also require photographic proof of that as well. ;-)

    You have it done in a large Celtic font to take up the other 70%. In purple... that's my favourite colour. Thx! :-D

  14. hope; Just back from the pub, a 'fair few' was had, and I am feeling so much better. Tomorrow may well tell another story! :¬)


    Jimmy; Modest, as ever! :¬)

    Sav; Fuck 'De Rigueur', you wanna get it, you get it. If not, not! I'm doing stuff now that I was too 'quiet' to do when I was young! I was SO conservative you wouldn't believe! And as Ma says, "we'll be a long time dead"!

    Pon; I promise, soon. My heid is ALMOST together these days! Almost.


  15. OMG Jimmy Bastard, On your Gentleman's vegetable??? What????
    Mappy, Pics please, when you are ready!

  16. Auntie; That Jimmy and his veg!

  17. Relax Auntie, it was an untruth... No tattooist could ever take on a job so big.

  18. I have several tats, but I would really like one covering my back. I know sort of what I'd like, but putting it off because of the cost. I'd like to get my own bagpipes first.

  19. Jimmy; :¬)

    AJ; The pipes first! :¬)

  20. Look forward to the pictures of it. We need to see it!

  21. Madame DF; Soon as the scabs heal!!! :¬)