Sunday, 6 December 2009

Liam Clancy

Liam Clancy, a legend, has died from pulmunary fibrosis, at the age of 74.
He was once described by Bob Dylan as "The best ballad singer I have ever heard"!

Oiche Mhaith Liam.


  1. Fabulous voice... the music world lost a fabulous voice.

    How're you doing, Map??? Busy working on your Youtube video??? :-)


  2. Aye.... a real loss indeed. There will be a big gap left behind by the man himself.

  3. A great voice and a wonderful rendition of a proud Australian song

  4. This is an absolutely wonderful video. So sad that this lovely voice is silenced, although I suspect the heavens are full of song.

  5. Pon; He had a fab voice indeed.

    (You ain't lettin' up on the YouTube are ya?)


    Jimmy; So true.

    Clyde; He made that song his own.

    debra; What a wonderful thought!


    UB; Thanks for that pal.

  6. Map, my fine Irish friend, this was announced to me Saturday night by Glen Hansard, in Mpls. He was playing the State Theater with The Frames and a Czech woman named Marketa; and a good 500 of us stood and sang some song about pouring a glass and joy be with you. Sorry -- he had to teach 95% of the crowd the song, so I don't know the title.

    Paraphrased, of course:
    "We've sung this song every night, in every city, for Liam Clancy. Growing up, you know, every house in Ireland had a picture "up here" of the Bleeding Heart of Christ. Underneath it was a picture of JFK, and under that was a picture of Elvis. And playing in the background was the Clancy Brothers. Liam is the last of the brothers, and he's not been doing well; and every night, on this tour, we've sung this song, hoping that somehow, he would hear it, and know. Tonight is the last night of our tour, and Liam has been poorly for so long now...
    Yesterday Liam Clancy passed. And now, now we are certain that he'll hear us."

    Map, we all sang. And there wasn't a dry eye in the house.


  7. Of course I'm not letting up! Plop a video camera in front of yourself and sing your little heart out, hon! Millions have done... and they have not a stitch of talent... Show them all what a real singer sounds like!!!

    It's not difficult to do... *grins*

  8. Pon, I've got your back on this one! {He can call it nagging, I refer to it as "encouragement}.

    Wow, what a voice! You know, that's the most wonderful thing about singers in your part of the world. Whereas 95% of people who sing lose ALL of their nationality and sound virtually alike, your lilting voices don't become homogenized. Thank heaven!

    Raise a glass in his honor for me. Meantime, Pon and I will plan your video debut. That's what's holding you back, you know. You need us as your P.R. people. ;)

  9. Pearl; Lucky you, getting to see Glen & Marketa! (They used to be a couple).
    It sounds like it was a wonderful and memorable evening!

    And it's true about the pictures on the walls in Irish homes back in the day, 'cept we didn't have one of Elvis, the Da was NOT a fan!


    Pon; :¬)


    hope; 'HOPE & PONITA P.R. Inc.'

    I like the sound of that!


  10. Brother Map,

    The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem are once again singing Brennan on the Moor in sweet harmony.

    Goodnight Liam


  11. Safe journey, Liam. Thanks for the tunes.

  12. Thanks, Map, for the tribute—one of the finest voices I've heard. In the old, old days, he would have been known as a troubador.