Thursday, 17 December 2009

Tis More Than A Song We Need!

For all victims of abuse in this Holy Country!


  1. I've heard rumours that the nuns were quite nasty too. There was a school close to where I grew up that was run by nuns. They were feared.

  2. The Nuns were wha':

  3. Brother Map,

    I've never understood the range of mixed emotions she seems to generate from others. It is yet another example of how much societal pressure there is to conform.


  4. I've no experience with nuns or priests or any physical abuse... I've heard from others that nuns can be fearful as well.

    I truly believe it the enforced isolation from human bonding in an intimate relationship that plays a part.

    I know there are lots of people out there who are not nuns or priests who are just as abusive... I just don't know what shortcircuiting creates monsters who harm others.

    Sinead has a voice like no other...

  5. 'Tis a horrible thing, Map, but it goes on and on and on, just as Sinead said.

    Thank you for this post, and for thinking of the abused . . .

  6. Makes you truly thankful for the life you've got!

    I agree with Ponita...I've never understood a religion that believes it's okay with God for some of us to marry while his "servants" aren't allowed the same. And no, I don't buy that line that they're "married to God". My happily married minister never made untoward advances on children!

    I'm glad that in this season of love and joy, you took time to remember those who haven't experienced that. Yet. Here's hoping good will be the next thing which embraces them.

  7. It makes me sad when people confuse God's law with man's law.

    God's law does NOT condone harming children or celibacy.

    It was somewhere around 500 years ago (please correct me if I'm off) that the Pope decided priests should be celibate so they could focus all their energy to the church.

    Pedophiles gravitate to occupations that will put them next to children. Despite what some bleeding hearts may profess... pedophiles are never cured.

    And I agree, many nuns need to have their feet put to the fire also.

  8. It would be nice to think the celibacy was introduced to focus priests' energy on the church. But it was introduced to maximise the church's hold on its assets - no wives and families (officially)to maintain and no rights to inheritance.

    It would be nice to find anything good to say about the catholic church at all but I find it increasingly difficult. The faith is one thing but the church is quite another.

    And yes the evil did extend to nuns, and their abuse of children is included in the Ryan Report. That is on top of the laundries