Saturday, 19 December 2009


It's cold.
And I am not well.
Nothing serious, I'll get over it.
But I am almost never unwell, thankfully.
And this cold spell brings a memory.
I am very young, it is very cold, very late at night.
And there is just me and Ma.
I don't remember anybody else being in the house.
And Ma says I can sleep in her bed 'cos Da is working all night.
And it is wonderful.
She is running her fingers through my hair.
And gently touching my face.
And singing, or humming, and the tune is soft and comforting.
And familiar.
I think I must be very young.
And the cold in my head, and the cold weather have re-ignited a spark of memory.
And it is good.
And it makes me feel better.


  1. Colds are a bugger... sorry that you are under the weather, Map. So nice, however, that you've resurrected that warm fuzzy memory of you and your Ma.

    There is nothing else in the universe like the touch and warmth of someone who loves you, cares for you, cares about you. Nothing.


  2. Get well soon!
    Have you ever tried whisky and porridge? It's on my list of alternative cold remedies.

  3. Memories are there to warm us when nothing in the medicine cabinet works. :)

    Feel better soon my friend. Sweet dreams.


  4. xoxoxoxo feel better soonest, sugar! sometimes memories are the best medicine. ;~D

  5. My Mom has been gone for over forty years, but I still remember her maternal love when I was sick—and I still miss it.

    Get well soon. Unless it makes your voice sound better.

  6. Get well soon. Do you wonder what seeds of memory you've implanted in your own kid's minds?

  7. You poor wee soul, you have my sympathies. Take care of yourself before Christmas.

  8. I love this piece SO much, just lovely. And I've got 'flu right now, so I can relate...feel better!!

  9. Pon; I guess it doesn't matter what your age, there's nothing as comforting as a Mother's touch! :¬)


    Scarlet; I have had porridge & whiskey, in a former convent of all places! And indeed it did have an effect on me. It made the contents of my stomach display itself in all it's glory on the breakfast table of said B&B which was was once the refuge of 'mickey dodgers'!


    hope; My memories can be a bit scattered at the best of times, but this one was so clear it did actually make me feel better. Thanks.


    Kim; In One my friend! :¬)

    Sav; Thank you hon!


    Charlie; We'll never forget the love of our mammies!

    (I DID sound a bit huskier when I was singing!) :¬)

    UB; Thanks pal. And yes, I often wonder what 'bits' the girls will remember! I know they will remember the music, and the cooking, because I get them so involved. And I hope they will tell people about the love their parents had for each other, and how they were always open about it. To their (the kids) embarrassment! :¬)

    Madame DF; You are indeed kind. Thanks for your sympathy. (Enjoy His confections!!)


    U; Thanks Bro!

    Leah; All I've got is a heid-cold honey, and that is annoying more than anything else. (Though it DOES get embarrassing when the snot is dripping off the mic when one is trying to sing for ones crowd!)
    Get better soon missus, take it easy and hide under the duvet for as long as you need!


  10. Get better. What a beautiful memory you have.

  11. I came here because I loved your comment on Pearl's frozen pipes post.

    And I was not disappointed, what a very sweet memory you have of your Mother : )

  12. The comfort of your family will cure more that most Doctors can.
    But a Jameson will do you nae harm

  13. @eloh; On the mend already! Thank you.


    powdergirl: Welcome, and thanks for your kind comments. Call back again.


    Clyde; As Homer says, "Alcohol, the cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems"!


  14. Aw, poor Map! Sickness is hardest on those of us accustomed to Health!

    And there is something infinitely tender about the love of those who have loved us since we were small.


  15. Pearl; And it was a busy weekend gig-wise too! But we took an oath on the altar of Hendrix, "In sickness and in health we shall entertain"! Or something like that, we were drunk! (Actually it was nothing like that!)

    Almost back to normal already, just in time for tomorrow nights gig!



  16. That was a pearl, Map. Loved it.

  17. Tif; Thanks! (Can you tell me; Tui? what it means?)