Friday, 25 December 2009

Star Links

And so it ends, for another year.
We were woken up early (8ish) By the girls.
(Could have sworn I'd just GONE to sleep!)
As is our tradition, they come into our room to show the contents of their Christmas Stockings.
Then we all go downstairs to see what Santa has left under the tree!
And all were more than pleased with his generosity! Again!

My Favourite gift this year?
A pair of StarTrek cufflinks from the Youngest!
See? My two favourite things in one!
StarTrek AND Cufflinks!

And then, as is my new tradition, (started this year!), I went back to bed for a few hours.
And Herself decided that this was indeed a good tradition to follow.
And did follow!

And verily, after midday, the Map did arise and prepare a feast fit for a family of five. (NO turkey this year,instead we had leg of lamb, ham, and duck!)
And it was eaten.
And bellies were full and happy!

And Map did beach on the recliner for most of the rest of the day.
And he was satisfied.

As all were truly happy.


  1. You'll be stylin' in those cufflinks, Map! A very Merry Christmas to you, Annette and your girls. xoxoxo

  2. Sounds wonderful, and LOVE the cufflinks. I've been a Star Trek fanatic since I was six years old. Old Star Trek, Middle Star Trek, and even new Star Trek. Love it all.

  3. Glad you had a good time. More of a Battlestar Galactica girl, but lovely cufflinks all the same. Still packing for Finland!

  4. The cufflinks are so cool Brother Map (love the Star Trek theme).

    I'm glad to hear that you had a relaxing, enjoyable day.


  5. very, very cool cufflinks, sugar! glad the day was a delight! xoxoxox

  6. You will find these years when the children are young to be so few... enjoy each moment.

    Ahh another Star Trek fan... Live long and prosper!

  7. We cooked the ham on Christmas Eve, the turkey Christmas morning at 09.00 am it was ready at two for the inlays arriving---- well that is it. It was a little tough ------ the ham was perfect. I was up until 3am Christmas Eve, up at 07.00am and no back to bed--- on my toes all day with a little help from my friends.
    Everybody was happy enough; another one under the belt.
    Happy New Year M.

  8. Oh, how I love duck. I don't get it very often but I do so love to eat ducks. How did you prepare it?

    And naps. I love naps, too. But The Daughters are still too young to allow me to indulge in such an extravagant hobby.

  9. . . . And all was well at the Map home, full of goodness and love and joy!

    [Tweet] "This is Cap'n Map."

    "Cap'n, this is S. Claus, and I have presents for your wee Tribbles . . ."

  10. Thank heavens your little cutie didn't gift you with Tribbles...the gift which keeps on giving. :)

    I received a new [larger!] monitor, so you're looking handsome...and well rested. I could use a nap myself.

    Hope you'll continue your love fest into the new year.

  11. Pon; I had eyed those cufflinks at least six months ago, but the little'un got a great memory! I must be raisin' 'em right!!


    Leah; Oh yeah,ALL the StarTreks! (They all bring me to another place!)


    Madame DF: You just go and enjoy the hols hon!


    U; I had a great day, hope my brother did too!

    Sav; It was fab! I hope santa was good to ya sugar!


    @eloh; I treasure each moment hon!
    Qa Thlo'! (Thank You in Thlinglon)

    Momo; Hope to fuck you are havin' a rest now!!

    UB; Duck was prepared very simply, just put on a rack in oven, alongside leg of lamb. Taken out and let to rest for half hour. Eaten!

    As for the naps, my daughters think it is such a laugh that I sleep so much in the afternoon!! But they know I work nights so they are so used to it now! (And they DO get such good food prepared their musician daddy!!)


    Charles; There are only a select few who remember the Tribbles!!


    hope; Mine eyes are giving up on me, so a larger monitor would be a good gift for my birthday!
    I hope to love even more than usual in 2010!!!


  12. Sounds like a great day.
    And your new tradition could catch on.
    Instead of going for a nap---it will hence forth be called "Going for a Map"

  13. Clyde; I like the sound of that!


  14. Glad you all had such a lovely day. The cufflinks are really cool, I'm a Star Trek fan myself. And I love duck! Delicious!

  15. AJ; They are cool! And the duck was delish!