Sunday, 13 December 2009

In Tens! If I?

Little Sis came to my gig tonight.
It's always more special, more fun, when family are in the crowd.
And it struck me, we have become closer.
We were always close, but since Big Sis left,
I was wondering?
If one leaves, does the love amongst those still here intensify accordingly?
As in, where there once was eight, and now are seven, is that extra bit of love to be shared by us siblings?
It seems so to me.
I seem to be hugging more.
And kissing more.


  1. Yes, I believe it does. It's a comforting observation.

  2. Yes it does, Map. Where we were once six, we are now five, and I am getting closer than ever to my youngest sister. Lovely, isn't it?

    Enjoy! xoxoxo

  3. Yes, I think you are right. Once there was three and now there is two. I think since my sister passed my other sister an I try harder to keep in touch.

  4. As you get older, you become more spaced or related to space: you realize everything is moving further away and how isolated all is.

  5. The closing of ranks, the comfort of those about us we love. Yes, you have it in one my friend.

  6. there's always a relationship shift when people/animals move in to or leave a group, obviously better if it gets more huggy - I think you've lucked out

  7. Sounds logical to me! At my mom's funeral last May, the four of us stood and looked at each other in a different way than before she passed.

  8. Shared intensity of emotion can bring people together. The more shit Maggie and I have been through, the closer we have always become.

  9. Brother Map,

    I'm not sure but I would like to think so. I have two brothers who both died young. The oldest one, I was too young to remember and the younger one (at 19), I shall never forget. I do feel closer with my three other brothers, all of whom still live in Chicago.

    Perhaps death acts as a bonding agent in our lives.


  10. What they said...and the fact as we get um...more mature, we realize that it's okay to feel that way. Okay to give an extra hug or kiss. And who cares what other people think?

    Unless, of course, they think you're right. ;) Hug away my friend. The world needs more love.

  11. All; Being a lazy fecker tonight! Thanks.

    :¬) xxx

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  13. Maybe you value what you have left more in some ways and that makes you feel closer. But whatever it is, enjoy it :)

  14. Madame DF; I think you may be right. :¬)


  15. I'm not sure if your share of the "love pool" gets any larger.
    What does happen is that we think a lot more about our own mortality and that of those who surround us. We make sure that we tell them and show them that we care for and love them.

  16. I'm not in your position of having siblings (my parents weren't very good Catholics), but it's nice to think that what you say is true--that you all become closer.

    Even the ones who pulled your hair, socked you in the eye, and spit in your porridge.

  17. Clyde; Aye pal. We do.

    Charlie; We have become closer, as Clyde says, we make sure we tell them how we feel, while we stil can.

    (I Hope no-one spat in my porridge!)