Friday, 30 July 2010

Sideways To The Sun.

I have met many many people in my life.
I'm sure most of them have liked me as much as I have liked them. (!!!)
Whaddya gonna do?

Some of the people I like most?
Well, I haven't actually got to meet them yet.
And I'm not talking Rock stars, or Actors, or Celebrity chefs etc.
Some of the people I'm talkin' about are you peeps.
And one of my favourites is a weirdo (You KNOW he's not!) who goes by the name of Charlie.
A man I have yet to meet,
But one I would be honoured to meet, and proud to meet.
An old friend I've never met.
So, again, ('cos he just LOVES getting attention!) a wee song for Charles.

(There's a bit of 'blank' towards the end of this vid, so, like, it's kinda just blank, like, so, like, there's, like, just blankness. Like! :!)

I didn't make it! Like!


  1. What a lovely song! For a lovely guy! And the photos are lovely too!

    Thanks, Map!! xoxoxo

  2. Evocative and apt. Deep sigh-ed ways to the sun,

  3. xoxoxoxox absolutely perfect, sugar! :)

  4. Wow, that's the most peaceful moment I've had all week.

    (I hope Charlie won't mind that I sat next to him and listened quietly).

  5. you hear the whispers of my heart? it's saying "thank you" for such beauty! thank you, map! ;)

  6. I've been wracking my brains for several years trying to figure out how to get over to Arizona to meet Charlie. If you come up with any ideas, do be sure to let me know :)

  7. There is little doubt that you are an easy bloke to like---and you are right--there are some nice people in here, and most of them, we will never meet

  8. Like, Map, thanks again for designating me a likeable person and, like, for the video with it's incredible photos.

    You. Are. Something. Else. Friend.

  9. Charlie; See, you are one of the humans who get me. That's why I likes Ya!


  10. For some reason I can't access your latest post.
    I'll try again later:)

  11. Pat; That's 'cos I deleted it by mistake! (I blame the wine!) Will re-do it when my head clears! :¬)