Thursday, 8 April 2010


Wake up.


Wake up.



'You can't be here! You're not supposed to be ..'


'Does Ma know you're back?'

NO! And you can't tell her. You can't tell anyone!

'But you've been gone so long I ....'

Sshhhh.. just get dressed, I'll wait downstairs, just be quiet!

'Da, I don't understand. You're gone, GONE! what...'

Are we goin' for a pint or what? That's what you want, ya?

We never did have that Father and Son drink did we?

'Ya, but that's what I wanted before.. ya know.. before..'

Yeah, I know, but, I'm here now. So, put yer coat on.

'Ah Da, I have to tell Ma, she'll be delighted like, she'll be..'

Sshhh! Quietly, just you and me, you and me right?

'Another pint Da?

Whatever you're up ta yourself son, I'm here for the night!'

'Another it is then'

And a couple of small ones?

'Course Da, have to have the couple of small ones'!

Great night Son.

'Twas Da!'

Give yer Ma a kiss for me.

'I will Da, will I tell her about our night out?'

If ye like son.

But this was just for you, and me, yeah?

'Yeah Da, yeah!'

Now, back to sleep, and remember this night son, eh?

'Yeah Da, I will!'


  1. I felt for you on this one pal. That's why it's important to keep so many memories alive as we make our way across.

    But you already knew that anyway. Now I'm proud of yis too.

  2. Was it a lovely dream? I've had them about my Mum. I think they are God's gift.

  3. I don't want to get all Oprah on your blog but I NEVER had a conversation like that with my father. Not one. That's why I make damn sure to have those talks with The Daughters on a regular basis. Someone has to break the cycle!

  4. That was terribly sweet, Map. Dreams are the gifts we give to ourselves. Hope you and your dad get together again soon.


  5. Very deep stuff man. I bet you felt that one for a while.

  6. I'm glad for you that he was back, even if it was just for a little while.

    But he'll be back, even if it's just for a little while . . .

  7. Jimmy; Thanks pal, for everything. :¬)

    Pat; This is from a story I wrote about a year after my Da died. I think it might have been inspired by a dream I had, or was it the other way round! :¬)


    UB; Neither did I have that conversation with my Da, at least not when he was alive. He died just as I was getting to that 'manly' age to start hangin' out with him in the pub!

    Keep up the good work with those girls of yours! :¬)

  8. Pearl; Thanks. He hasn't 'come back' for a while now, but... :¬)


    Momo; I did indeed pal! :¬)

    Charlie: Thanks pal, and yes, someday (or night!) :¬)

    Lulu; :¬) xxx

  9. Funny, I dreamed about my Dad the other night...possibly after we discussed your SIL Valerie.

    Any time I feel like I'm in over my head or need to make a difficult decision, I dream about my Dad. He simply walks through my dream, makes a simple comment and the next morning it's as if problem solved!

    In my last dream, Dad said to use the wrench. Now if I could only remember what I was doing at the time. ;)

  10. My dad hasn't ever come around but my old yellow lab does every now and then. Funny, that.

  11. hope; ' Ghostly voice' "Uuuuuse the wrennnnnnch"! That made me choke on my Miller!
    (The beer! I don't have a man who makes my flour!) :¬)


    Tui; That's funny AND wonderful! :¬)


  12. Periodic dreams about my mother always leave me deeply unsettled and missing her profoundly

  13. Feck Map! Beautifully told and very wonderfully written.

  14. Kim; I don't dream very often about people who have gone, but when I do it usually makes me feel better. In the early days it would make me sad, but as time went on I would wish for those dreams.

    Da is gone 24 years now, and I still miss him as much today as I did all those years ago. But part of him still lives/comes through me, and I am not the only one to notice this! :¬)

    GF; Well, I am taking that as a very big compliment seeing as it came from a writer such as yerself! Thank you sir! :¬)