Sunday, 4 April 2010

Today My Family Made Money

That mad bitch, married to my baby brother.
Well, she organised ANOTHER of her fundraising shindigs.
Bitch that she is.
Well, all the family (and there's lots of us) well we walked for the charity.
And where would we walk to?
A pub!
Where else?
A lot more people turned up than we expected!
It was BIG!
There was free chicken curry for all that turned up.
We just about had enough for everyone!
Me and Pete provided what we could, entertaintment wise.
Actually, it was QUITE entertaining!
And there was a raffle!
And Many went home with prizes beyond belief!
A fun day.
A family day.
A fundraising day.
(At the last count, I think we made about 7000 euros!)
And it all goes to the local cancer federation.
And they give such a lot of time to people undergoing treatment for cancer.
They are totally dependant on contributions.
They take patients, and give them a day out, in a spa, or even a hairdressers, or some other such 'luxury'!
They get a treat!
Away from the hospital.
My singing helps that??
I love my SIL Val!
She is a cancer survivor, and has worked tirelessly for the past three years to raise as much money as she can for the cause.
All I can do is sing.
And I do.
I do.
And it makes money!
And it makes me happy!


  1. Doesn’t it seem like it takes a crisis in order to get you to do the types of things your SIL does? Shouldn’t the level of caring that she displays be a part of the human condition? It’s good to have someone like that in your life.

  2. It should, UB, it should... If everyone had that level of caring, the world would be a totally different place!

    I'm so pleased your fundraiser was a success, Map! Would have attended if I lived a wee bit closer. :-)


  3. Well done Mapstew and family! It sounded more fun that the walk I did with Ian Botham. No-one told me his walk is like a brisk trot and by the time I reached Taunton cricket field there was only dear Mother Botham to hand me my medal. I'm glad I did it though and would recommend anyone to do the same.

  4. If only everyone had your fams level of caring. Well done and congrats to all who took part

  5. Stew
    If the rest of your family are anything like you, they would be giving for a cause even if there was not the survival link.
    It's great when there is an organisor and everyone gets involved.

  6. If all you can do is sing my friend, sing! There's no harm in having a talent that brings people closer through the magic of the human song.

    Now stop your blathering, and walk a bit further to the end of the bar. You forgot my cheese and onion Taytos for the love of god.

  7. The world needs more caring humans! Go Valerie! Wish my Dad had "survivor" after his name, but I do know what he went through made me a more tolerant human being.

    And you know, humans who are sung to become even happier, meaning they open their wallets bigger. On behalf of the families who've been there, THANK YOU Map! xx

  8. bless! you made me smile, sugar! good for all y'all for taking part and helping out. as hope said, thank you! xoxoxo

  9. You did a good thing, and sounds like you had a good time as well!

  10. UB; Yes indeed!
    She's a great person with a very big heart! :¬)

    Pon; A great day all round. And another chance for the extended family to get together again! :¬)


    Pat; Thanks, and well done you! :¬)


    Tempo; Ta pal! :¬)

    Clyde: Ann ta to you too pal. It was a great fun day! :¬)

    Jimmy; Ta pal, got the Taytos this time! :¬)

    hope; Thanks hon! :¬)


    Sav; And thank you! :¬)


    AJ; It was great! :¬)


  11. If it takes surviving a killer disease or any kind of chaos to become a people-helper, then so be it. And that helping spirit is contagious, which your whole family found out.

    Cheers to all of you.

  12. Charlie; Val has always been a helper, for as long as I have known her she has been raising money for one cause or another. The animal shelter is one of her favourites.

    And yes, that spirit IS very contagious! :¬)

  13. I just wanted to respond to your comment on my blog - he's actually Scottish, and I changed his name to protect the guilty. Er, I mean, innocent. ;)

  14. AJ; I see! (I think!) :¬)