Monday, 9 May 2016

Time Check

Let's Dance was a hit in 1983.
Nineteen Eighty Fuckin' Three!
That's thirty three years ago for those of you still counting on yer fingers!
I just spent a very lovely couple of hours watching and listening to Mr.B on the BBC. Time goes by so quickly,  get out and live it. I'm not gonna post a video for this, check it out on Yoochube ye lazy feckers!


  1. I watched that show on my tv a while back (am assuming it was the same one, or at least similar). I recall very clearly listening to Let's Dance when it came out. Had the cd. And dance I did!

    Peace to you as well, my friend. xoxo

  2. Yep, time is a swift bugger!

  3. Working with senior citizens, I don't think of time passing like normal folks...because they all refer to me as "just a baby".

    Yeah. Right. I just realized this year marks my 40th High School reunion. (I've never gone to graduating class had 734 people in it, and about a dozen more who didn't graduate.) My baby brother turns 50 this year. That little butterball I use to feed and diaper. Yikes! Where does all that time go?

    At least I'm spending it with y'all.