Thursday, 12 May 2016

Food & Drink.

I'm the head chef and bottle-washer in Tigh Maurcheen. Every day the ladies come home to a lovely dinner, and the Maurcheen is well appreciated.  I'm quite a good cook, I love cooking and never find it a chore. I always make more than needed for our house and like to give the extra to friends/family.  My sister Serena is usually the recipient. This week she received my butternut squash & sweet potato soup, pork pasta bake and Oreo & Nutella cheesecake.  In return I received a lovely French wine on Monday, and tonight I got a special gift. The last bottle of whiskey from Ma's collection.  I'm having a large one now.


  1. Love a man who loves to cook. I have been fortunate to have known a few. Savour that whisky. Her heart is always with yours. xoxoxo

    1. Her heart, and her spirit! (Do you see what I did there????) :)

  2. Replies
    1. Herself seems to think so, and she IS getting younger! :)