Monday, 12 December 2011

Rehearsals (In the 'Stewdio')

The rest of the band call here to my house every Monday night at 19:00hrs for rehearsals. We have a room at the back of the house which was built on as part of an extension about 7 years ago, originally supposed to be another sittingroom/TV room, it has evolved into a multi-purpose area. Pupils are given music lessons here, yoga is done here, teenagers do sleepovers here, Paul (the plumber) drinks my beer here, but mostly it is used as a music space. It houses about eight or nine guitars, a couple of drum machines, many whistles, ukeleles, a didgereedoo, amps, mics, speakers, a digital piano, and a little recording studio.

This is my fist attempt at trying to record, on camera, one of our rehearsals, I didn't get the levels right for the camera so excuse the poor sound quality.

(I'm sure I'll get better as I get older, and more experienced!)


  1. Ahhhh ..... you all sounded FABULOUS!
    Makes me wish I could pull up a chair at the pub, get me a pint and set for a bit to listen to y'all! =)

  2. That was excellent, i could easily sit around and drink all your beer and listen to that all night while yelling out requests.

  3. Love your stewdio, Stew, and that's a fine Adele tune. I'm a little bummed, though: I've always thought you knew the words to every song ever written—you know, no cheat sheets.

  4. Deeply envious of having a music room. I've always wanted one of them. Keep waiting for the kids to leave home...

  5. There is something very endearing about watching grown men giggle before they get down to work. :)

    Nicely done. Pon and I, as your P.R. people, are glad to see you've found your camera. Carry on....sounding great!

  6. Great stuff mate, is the beer free for everybody.