Sunday, 30 December 2012

One Moment In Time

'What a year! Next year is goin' to be SO different!'

We all say it. Every year.

What is 'New Years Day'? 'New Years Eve'?
Just another moment of time passing?
Or a moment in time, passing!
A moment just passing us by, or a moment of living?
A moment in time we will remember?
Or, a moment in time. We will remember!

I have worked as an entertainer on NYE for all but one of the 22 years I have been married. (And for many more before that!)

People say stupid things to my wife about us not being together on NYE.
Things like 'How awful for you!' 'What a sad night it must be for you!' 'You must be SO lonely!'
These are the sad lonely, awful people, who know not how wonderful a person my wife is, and how strong our relationship is.
Let them say the same when they have been together for as long as we have, and are still just as much in love as we are! I'll say no more!

As per usual, at the stroke of midnight, I will sing 'Auld Lang Syne' to the happy couple and their families and friends as they celebrate together both a wedding and the coming of a new year.

I will shake hands with, and hug my fellow band members, and carry on entertaining, which is what I do best.

I could get all sentimental, drink more than I should, and shed a few tears for the ones gone before me.
But I do that in my own time, privately.
Tonight, I continue to be a professional.

I wish you all a better year ahead, even if it was a good one last year.
I hope to meet with some of you in the future.

But a very special Happy New Year to my good friend and pal JB and my Glesga family. I just know ye's are gonna have a good one!
Raise a Jameson fer me in that 'little bar for two' with the view of the stars the neet yeah?


  1. Charles Bukowski has a great poem about how he never understood New Year's Eve. How life knows nothing of calendars and the passage of time.

    Despite Bukowski's musing, I wish you and your family a Happy New Year. 2013 is lucky!

  2. People are daft sometimes.
    Tonight - as usual - MTL will retire before me although the New Year festivities are guaranteed to make stopping up undesireable.
    We don't have to wish each other a Happy New Year. Words aren't necessary when a hug, a kiss or just a passing pat says it all. But you know that.

  3. Ah the naysayers are just jealous that you have someone willing to kiss you 24/7, year after year, without confetti. :)

    Have fun and may 2013 bring you everything you desire.

  4. Happy New Year Maps!! It's not who you're partying with on new year's eve, it's who you start the rest of the year with the next morning...!

  5. Happy New Year Maps ... keep the faith bro

  6. Ahh mo chara, charaid, gloine nó deich a tharraing an neet i do onóir. Tis mé féin díreach i ndiaidh tráthnóna maith leis an teaghlach agus cairde. Bliain sásta nua do mo theaghlach ar fud an uisce.

    Hands across the sea fae Glesca to our Limerick family.

    Fae me, Siobhan and the clan, Happy New Year pal.

  7. I didn't do a gig this New Years Eve which is just as well because I'm ill but I love it when I do, and how crazy that people judge the status of your marriage based on you not being together on one night like that. That's nuts. I've been with my partner 26 years now and we spend massive chunks of time apart. That's why it works so well!

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  9. happy new year, bubba! ;) here's to you and yours! may all good things be yours this year. *cheers* first round on me, sweet pea, and the second, the MITM! xoxoxx

  10. UB; And many happy returns to you my friend, and your lovely family. Your girls (& Coco) have pride of place on our Christmas mantlepiece! :¬)

  11. Pat; Thank you, for your thoughts and your wisdom! :¬)


  12. hope; And to you dear hope, may all your arrows hit their mark! :¬)


  13. Macy; Hey Macy, good to see you back! I wish you great joy and fun times in your new home. :¬)


  14. Chef; Don't forget, factor 50 on that big heid of yours! (Them chib-marks dinnae like the sun so!) :¬)

  15. Joey; Ta pal, hope you're feeling better soon! :¬)

  16. sav; How can I refuse a drink from a beautiful lady? Or her handsome beau? :¬)


  17. See you ya wee trumpet? Gonnae lay ahf the chib gags eh, yis know how sensitive I am aboot mah good looks! Just because I have a coupon that looks as though it's been set afire then put out with a shovel, no need to reduce a humble man to tears.

  18. Chef; Sensitive? Tears? Aye. Next you'll be writing poetry or singing to old ladies at the bingo! :¬)

  19. Poetry is it? Right so.

    There once was a fellow McSweeny
    Who spilled some gin on his weenie
    Just to be couth
    He added vermouth
    Then slipped his girlfriend a martini

    There once was a fellow O'Doole
    Who found little red spots on his tool
    His Doctor a cynic
    said Get out of me clinic,
    And wipe off that lipstick you fool!

    A pirate, history relates
    Was scuffling with some of his mates
    When he slipped on a cutlass
    Which rendered him nutless
    And practically useless on dates

    There once was a woman named Jill
    Who swallowed an exploding pill
    They found her vagina
    In North Carolina
    And her teets in a tree in Brazil

    There once was a plumber from Lee
    Who was plumbing his girl by the sea
    She said Stop your plumbing,
    There's somebody coming!
    Said the plumber still plumbing... It's me!

    A right twisted wench from Caprees-ed
    Orgasmed each time that she sneez-ed
    To the druggist she went
    And laid down her last cent
    Said, "A barrel of snuff, if you pleas-ed."