Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Easter Eg(guinness)

I drink Guinness in my local. And it's good.
At home of an evening I like a cold beer. Usually Miller.(bottle)
I also drink Miller at gigs. It's hard to jump around with a belly of the blackstuff!
I always drink one Hennessey brandy just before each gig. It's my treat to myself.

I like to go to the pub of a Thursday. Kinda starts the weekend for me.
Pub on Thursday, gigs on Friday & Saturday, pub on Sunday. See?

Now. It's 'Holy Thursday'. Have to be out of the pub by midnight. It's the law.
And the day after? 'Good Friday'! All pubs closed. All day! It's the law.
I don't always go to the pub on Thursdays, but I like to have the choice.
I don't always gig on Fridays, but seeing as it's half my working week, well.

If you are a catholic, and do not wish to drink socially, in a pub or hotel atmosphere of a Good Friday, or any other day for that matter, then fair fucks to ya.
It don't worry me none if you "go to church on a Sunday and cabaret all day Monday", or never a drop touches your lips.

But it do bother Map that he can't go to the pub because of a law which bows to a particular religion. There was a time when this country was one of church going people, a people afraid of the clergy and ruled by the religious. Mostly catholics.

And if You are still one of them, then fair fucks to ya again for stickin' to yer guns. You are more than entitled to practice your faith. It is your right. And I will march with you to defend that right.

But why should my social life be affected because of a particular faith?

I'm neither catholic or of any other religious bent.

And I'd like, if I so choose, to go to the pub, hotel, swimming pool or local butcher shop of a Good Friday. Or not.

So all the pubs close on Good Friday. But what happens in Tesco on Holy Thursday?
Stampede at the liqour isle. That's what happens!

Happy Easter.

p.s. I also sometimes like a good red. Tonight I am mostly drinking 'Yellow Tail' Merlot 2008. From Australia. It's fucking gorgeous!


  1. Dang Mapster,
    You are a man after my own heart.
    I absolutely LOVE my pints of Guinness. I don't get to enjoy it much because I don't have time to go out much. This Sunday night I'm hangin' with some girl friends and I will have a pint for you.
    Thank goodness out bars & pubs stay open here in the Bronx.
    I've discovered that I enjoy Sam Adams cream stout. I can buy it bottled, by the case. It reminds me of the Guinness Stout. Have you ever tried it?
    My boy friend won't drink the Stout. He prefers Corona.

  2. I can do Corona, if nothing else is available. Guinness, or any stout HAS to be from the tap. Can't be doin' with cans or bottles! (Never heard of Sam). Slainte!

  3. I often find myself hungry, thirsty and all alone in the Co-op carpark of an Easter Sunday. It's my own personal Easter tradition.

  4. Map,

    I just read this bro, and I can't stop laughing....

    "....then fair fucks to ya"

    When I moved from Chicago to Texas, they had something called the "Blue Law". This law required all retail business establishments to close certain parts of their store. This policy not only applied to the sale of alcohol but to any non-food related items as well. You couldn't even buy aluminum foil or a pot to piss in. I had never heard of anything that backwards.

    Years later they kicked the "Blue Law" to the curb.

    The last thing I would do to anyone is fuck with their groove because I don't like anyone fucking with mine. I'm not a beer drinker. Oh, I'll have one if I'm out with the fellas but if I'm drinking, I prefer Glen Livet.

    Certain things in life are inherent; exercising one's individual freedom is one of those. The problem occurs when you get more than two people in a room trying to decide what's best for everyone else.

    I admit that its better than a dictatorial form of government or a society where ritualistic sacrifice is practiced....but...

    Every now and then I ponder how life would be if every lawer and politician were gathered together and put out to sea on a sinking ship.

    If I were asked, "What's your take on this U?" I'd be inclined to reply, "It's a hell of a good start!"

    Now you see why I would not make a good dictator. Once I start ranting, there's hell to pay.

    Enjoy your week bro.


  5. Scarlet; that is sad my dear. You should go to Tesco. They have a deal on Miller. And what with the cock-rings and such....
    I thought you were off sucking eggs this weekend?

    The U; Hey bro, you are welcome to come over here and rant your ass off any time you feel.
    Have a good weekend.

  6. I never have time to go out drinking , or stay in drinking for that matter , so I shall sup on my mug of tea and keep quiet

  7. You will be relieved to hear that all the Tescos in the Thames Valley are open tomorrow, so we can stock up on cock rings, Amaretto lube and all other Easter essentials. A question came up today on one of my preferred sites: is lube kosher? This is something that my co-religionists and I will ponder late into the night. I have been drinking Export Strength Tanqueray and pineapple juice since 1800 hours. Someone has to.

  8. Entertaining my parents this evening, we are drinking milk and beer, though not from the same glass. I may have a wee glass of something, but after last night (drowning sorrows for not getting interview) the very thought of drink is a bad thing. Have a great weekend.

  9. i have spent the last few days either drunk, drinking or hungover and getting ready to drink...i think i will have a dry out day...
    tomorrow xoxox

    (i agree with y'all re: the closings on good friday.)

  10. in answer to your question, sugar: yes, i just didn't want to say that out word then? xoxo

  11. beast; tea? from a mug? tsk... indeed.

    Mrs. P.; Amaretto lube,mmmmmmm.....
    As for Jewish KY, Maps do not know.

    Madame DF. Milk Stout?

    Sav; Drink, Drunk, Drank.???

  12. @ Sav; five days? Not like him.