Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Can you hear that?

It's quiet. Very very quiet.
The telly box is turned off. No music. No talking.
Very very strange for this house.

Herself is gone to Dublin for a few days with the Teenagers.
Map and the Youngest are holding fort.

Day one down, Youngest in bed and Map tapping on the lappy.
I'm usually here on my own during the day, which I'm used to.
But from about 4p.m. most days the place gets fair active.
Dinner, talking, tv, music, more teenagers coming and going.
Phone calls, texting, channel hopping, conversations going on between people in different rooms. Noise.
I've just gotten so used to it.
And the quiet, which I relish during the mornings and afternoons, can become quite unnervingly well, unnerving, in the evenings and night.
(I just turned on the tv for some noise, it's Star Trek DS9)

Meself and the Youngest had a fine day.
After we dropped the others at the train station we went and had a cooked breakfast in a caff. (She felt very grown-up with her own pot of tea)!
Then she brought me window shopping. (Dads are always more patient with the youngest)!
Home for lunch, followed by a long walk, followed by a snooze for Map and a 'Sponge Bob' marathon for the Youngest. Quick dinner, watched 'Britains Got Talent' on Youtube, (told ya I'm patient) and her off to the feathers.

The rest of the clan are back on Friday evening, so I guess I should enjoy the quiet while I have it! It is strange tho'.


  1. Map...I agree is quiet...see if I can kick up some noise around here.

    You know I ain't forgot about you dropping that song on me bro...I wanna hear my brother singing.


  2. Hey U; how are you friend? I WILL do that soon, tho' I just hate hearing myself recorded. I love live shows, most mistakes are forgiven when folks are havin' a good time.

  3. Good music, fine wines, great company... what more can a man ask for of a night?

  4. Tis the truth you speak Jimmy.

  5. i so understand this feeling, sugar! xoxo

  6. Sounds like you had a great day with the youngest. Make the most of the peace and quiet, but miss them enough to appreciate their return :)

  7. Sav; funny innit?

    Madame DF; Everything's back to normal on Sat. Well, normal for this den!

  8. Map,

    Thanks for hopping on-board with me. Like your blog. Cool writing.

  9. IB; thanks and welcome to Mapland.

  10. I love spending time with the youngest (7) because it helps me to remember how great it was when the others (18,21 &24) were still my little chicks that I could watch over and protect them from the big, bad, world outside the front door.

    Oh sure it's cool to see them grow up and become self sufficient but you can't help but think I could have done this or that..I should have done more to prepare them.

    It's also funny which things they just never know. They might say remember the time you and I did so & so (which could have been an ordinary day) and yet it becomes one of their fondest memories.
    You just never know.

  11. Don; thats a nice big gap between the youngest and the one before. There's a 10 year gap between me and my older brother. And then four kids younger! And yes, you never do know what the kids will remember with such great fondness. Thanks for dropping by. Call again.

  12. Loved that your babe fealt all grown up with her da and her own pot
    Great day

  13. Hey Clyde, hows things mate?