Sunday, 12 April 2009


I wear a wedding ring.
It is not the one my wife put on my finger the day we were married.
That particular ring had to be cut off my finger after a bad episode with a van door on a very windy day. Less said the better.

So Herself bought me an even nicer ring in the celtic style, to fit my at that time, more rotund falange.

And then the Map decided to 'get fit'! Which he did!!

And the new ring was just too damn fuckin' big for his more slender and god damn beautiful slim apendages!

So now we got TWO rings in the box which contains all the rings of the husband that no longer fit the husband!

Can you imagine what the sticker on the front of that box looks like?

But I DO wear a ring on my wedding finger. I bought it meself.
It wasn't expensive. Actually it was VERY cheap. $1.50.
Stainless steel. And it's not the price, or the value of the metal, it's the symbol
of the commitment, and the show of love which is the important thing in my mind.

Gold is shiny and expensive. But a piece of steel...........


  1. Symbolism... That is what counts, Map... not what the ring is made of. It is a symbol of your never ending love for your wife. Who cares what it is made of?

  2. The missus wears me on her little finger... she constantly twists me round and round.

  3. So very true Map,

    A ring can never define the depth of love between husband and wife.

    That's an inspired love you have bro.


  4. Ha
    My ex missus tore the origonal ring off my finger and threw it across to yard---never found it
    The replacement bought during the hot months, fell off in the cold months
    Geez, should have quit after the first one---would have saved some pain---oh, and money

  5. My husband had his first ring stolen and lost his second one. I haven't bothered to buy a third, just out of cussedness. He gets arthritis in his fingers and so they swell up sometimes, making it sore to wear a ring. So, I haven't seen the need to buy another one. Caused several domestics though.

  6. Pon; so true.

    Jimmy; big softie!

    U; I'm a lucky man.

    Clyde: ouch! on many levels!

    Madame DF; It's no wonder he screws up the shopping!

  7. Tis not the price but the thought behind it, and as you think enough of Herself to wear a ring then you have much thought and good heart.

  8. I agree Map, the price of the ring is totally irrelevant. My wedding ring cost around $3 in todays terms - it was what we could afford at the time. 32yrs on & my ring has taken the shape of my finger - it's a bit dull now & the engraving is worn, but it means as much to me today as what it did all those years ago.

  9. the MITM lost his first ring about 2 months after we married. i've lost both of the rings he gave me, actually, the first was stolen and the 2nd he lost (long story) anyway, he no longer wears a wedding ring and i wear whatever happens to strike my fancy on any given day. xoxox

  10. Sav; I'm sure any jewellery just adds to your sparkle. xoxox