Sunday, 5 April 2009


Mam was always a party girl, still is if she gets the chance. Dada was a quiet, more gentle man. They were the complete opposite of each other. That's probably why they fell for each other.
He loved classical music, especially tenors, she loved show music/tunes. And I grew up listening to all sorts of music. That's probably why my tastes are so eclectic. I just love music!
Hammer lived next door to us in our terrace. He lived with his Dad (old Mr.Hayes) and his older brother David. His brother married and moved away, and his father died. Hammer was always there when we were kids.He never married, though he had a love which was, sadly, unrequited. He was a nice man. He loved us kids. He also loved opera. He had a huge collection of 78's, mostly of the great Mario Lanza.
Some of my earliest memories are of listening to Mario through the walls of our terrace, on Sunday nights, when Hammer came home from the pub, a lonely bachelor, and played his old records on his fathers gramaphone.
And Mam would sing along with the music that came through the wall, and tell Dada that he hadn't a note in his head, as he tried to sing along! (Which was true!).
But there was always, Always music in the house. And it's the same today in my own house. My girls always have music playing, and I never tell them it's too loud, 'cos you know, I like it loud. What is it about music? I sing when I'm happy, I sing when I'm sad, parties, weddings, funerals.
My oldest friend became a father for the first time recently, and when I had his baby in my arms, singing to her, and she dancing, remembered how my own girls had danced so intuitivly to any music when they were little. It must be part of our make-up. Part of what makes us who we are.
Someone told me last night that a song I sang made them cry. Now while I would love to think that I had the voice of an angel, I know for sure , sadly, that this is not the case. I sang a sad song that happened to touch a particular person at just the right moment. To have someone tell you something like that makes you feel special, if only for just a little while.

This is my favourite song of all time. (and i'm not a religious guy).
If only I could sing like this!


  1. Map, music touches me in all those ways too. I can be brought to tears by certain songs that have special meaning for me; I get goosebumps from others (especially those bagpipes!); I want to dance to others because they make my soul sing!

    Even animals have music: cats purr, wolves and dogs howl, birds twitter and cheep. It is a universal language, I think, that goes to the core of who we are; it is the rhythm of life itself.

  2. Map,

    Such a beautiful, touching song.


  3. Ave Maria.. I cannae remember a time when this song hasn't been played in the world that I move in.

    Very moving indeed sir.

    I once attended a funeral for a young Postman friend. He was very popular, and had met his end tragically, and at a very young age.

    There was so many people at the chapel that they couldn't all fit inside.
    No mail was delivered that morning, all the GPO vans had filled the car park to listen to his 80 year old blind Auntie sing this very song.

    Not a dry eye in the hoose.

  4. Mapster,
    Have you ever seen how a withdrawn & despondent elderly person can respond to music? It's quite touching. Music can be a powerful motivator.

  5. Pon; the rhythm of life indeed.

    The U; It has me from the opening chord.

    Jimmy; you tell a whole story there, with just a few lines.

    Auntie; One of my daughters, and the choir she is part of, sing sometimes at a retirement home. Yes one can see the difference it makes.

  6. talk about being on the same page, sugar! ;) xoxo

    it's really true! that's exactly how our home was and still is re: music!

  7. My gran had some Mario Lanza records, so I do remember him, but most of what I know of him, I know from films. Couldn't act, but boy, could he sing. Some of my earliest memories are being waltzed around the room by my dad listening to Johann Strauss waltzes. Lovely.

    Great post

  8. Sav; True indeed. xoxox

    Madame DF; Thank you. Now, my Dada loved the entire Strauss family!

  9. Map, I would love to hear/see you sing.... Since I can't afford a holiday in Ireland, you really need to post a vid on youtube.

    Pretty please???

  10. Pon; will try to get something together soon, promise.