Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Miss, Remember.

I miss things.
In different ways.
As in, some things go way over my head, and a couple of hours, days, weeks later.... oh! Oh indeed!

But what I mean today is that I miss stuff, you know, stuff that doesn't happen anymore. Stuff that isn't anymore. And stuff that I now know never was. Stuff.

I miss tying shoelaces for the kids.
I miss brushing their hair and bunching it into (very uneven) ponytails.
I miss BONKER bars and penny biscuits.
I miss Kentucky Fried Chicken (not KFC).
I miss arsing around Europe sans responsibility.
I miss my hair.
I miss Caroline, my dear friend.
I miss TOTP.
I miss being 7 in Kilkee.
I miss Freddie.
I miss that I used to love driving.
I miss that I used to believe there was a god.
I miss winning at poker at six in the morning after a lousy week in the factory.
I miss(ed) a lot of the kids shows.(bad daddy).
I miss my Dad.
I miss most of LOST. (I don't think it matters).
I miss queueing outside Treacy's for Packet & Tripe on Saturday mornings.
I miss the 'CONTINENTAL GRILL'(s) and Coke floats.
I miss having more money than I need.
I miss the toilet bowl when I've a few too many. (oops!)
I miss my Mother telling jokes.

(The word 'remember' can be substituted for 'miss' in most of the above).



  1. So many things change as we get older, often without us realizing it until we suddenly go... 'what happened to...?' I totally get what you are talking about, Map. There are a zillion things I miss every day... but what I miss most are the people that I love who are gone. All the other stuff is inconsequential compared to that. *warm hugs*

  2. Packet and tripe.. holy christ, if it wisnae the cow heel and the blanket that we came up on ourselves. I remember sticking the heid on the O'Connell boy for taking the last trotters for my da's tea.

  3. hello. i think you look very nice without your hair, but then i'm partial to the non-haired variety of men so that might not make me impartial.

  4. Map, I agree with the projectivist... you *do* look great without hair. Some men don't, cuz you have to have a nice head. But it looks good on you (or should that be *off* you?!).

    Now if you would just move that pint and crack us a smile, it would be even better! :-)

    PS - I have no idea what 'packet and tripe' is... I know what tripe is over here, but it may not be the same as over there...

  5. Map,

    I just noticed the new pic...pretty cool look bro.

    You and Jimmy with your dietary habits! I ain't into organs bro. I ain't down with that.

    I need a drink just thinking about it!But I get what you're saying. Whether you say, "I miss" or "I remember", they are still valued.

    Maybe it's good to miss them because remembering always restores the thoughts of what they meant.


  6. Pon; thanks, all hugs gratefully accepted, especially warm hugs!

    Jimmy; trotters eh? That was our Friday night treat as kids! A speciality of the local chipper. Greasy fingers sticking to the newspaper wrapping. Can't get 'em for love or money today.

    the projectivist; welcome to Mapland, and many thanks (blushes) for the compliment. Come by again.

    Pon; will ya go on now with the nice head thing! (more blushes). And its smiles yer wantin' too?
    As for the packet and tripe, well tripe is tripe, and packet is a pudding of boiled blood! We didn't question, we just ate! still do when I can get it.

    The U; hey Bro, that pic was taken at a bar by the beach in Lanzarote last year. Good times!

    Meself and Jimmy will have to take you for some 'real' food when you visit!!

  7. Boiled blood??? GAK! Don't you have *real* (no... I mean real) food over there? Well, I suppose in hard times, nothing was wasted and the tradition just kept on.

    And what are trotters? Some kind of sausage? You guys have very strange names for things. I know what bangers and mash are, but haven't heard of trotters.

    And yes, smiles would be lovely. From what I can make out in the teeny little photo, you have very intense eyes... so I just wondered if your smile would light up your face. On some, it does. No need to hide behind the pint glass is there? We're all friends here. :-)

    (And warm hugs are the best kind, yes.)

  8. Pon; Trotters = pig's feet!
    Smiley face = sidebar.

  9. I love a shaved head. do you by any chance have a hairy chest? because that would really complete the picture

  10. I miss my grandparents. I miss the opportunities I never took. I miss people I shouldn't. I miss what my future might have been. I miss my waist.

  11. *sigh* i totally get what y'all mean, sugar! xoxoxoxo (raising my glass in y'all's honor!) ;)

  12. Nurse; One day the picture will be complete!

    Madame DF; Your future hasn't happened yet!

    Sav; So, y'all take a drink eh? xoxoxoxox ;-)

  13. What a cool baldy you are!
    BTW, those are the things we will miss forever...